Blk 113

Lun Ci Min & Peng Maoyu

As devices have grown more advanced, humans have seemingly regressed into dull existence with low levels of tactility. Youth in Singapore seeking respite from the increasingly digitized world has thus led to more interest in traditional crafts.

Our vision for the project is to create an artists village for the preservation of traditional crafts in Singapore by nurturing a new generation of makers by reviving modern day and traditional crafts. The proposal aims to rejuvenate SCAPE Youth Park into a human and community-centric local marketplace that plays a key role in supporting craft practice. Here, contemporary and traditional craft practices can be found to provide both locals and youths with unique hands-on experiences by our very own local artisans.

In this project, relationship between architects and artisans is explored. Craft is the fulcrum of both professions and architecture and design are tightly linked to the active material world. From the perspective of a craftsman, deciding the type of materials to use directly affects the experience of making. For architecture, the choice of materials can have a direct influence to define spatial organisation. By adopting the concept of appreciating the ‘old’ while embracing the ‘new’, colourful bamboo poles that are ubiquitously used in HDB estates to sun clothing are crafted with customized 3D-printed bundle joints to create the architecture.

Modern-Day Craft

What is craft?
Craft is the idea and interest of making; understanding the methodological process of how an artefact is created, who it is made by and what is the significance of their making to a society.

Modern-Day Craft

  • Provides opportunity to connect traditional artisan to the urban consumer in the midst of Singapore’s premier shopping district of Orchard Road and Somerset Area. Proposal can also influence new genre of aspirational craft makers such as students, young adults and tourists. 
  • Providing hands-on engagement in a hands-off economy. Craft as a means of offering a more tangible moral compass in the age of Consumerism and throwaway

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3D Printed Bundle Joints

Site Mapping

Regional Analysis
Mapping of regional craft programs by building capacity. A 6-12 min walking radar is included to see overlaps and adjacency of programs.
Schools & Residential
Potential target audiences of students and residents were located from nearby academies and accommodations.
Vehicle Transport Routes
Site is well connected to main expressway, secondary roads and public transportations linking the adjacent neighbourhood to the site.
Concept Adaptability
Taking into the account of temporary pop up strategy, we look into the potential relocation sites for the Blk 113 experiences.
Overlaps of various mappings give rise to potential of site to be developed as a crafting node bridging the East and West.

Bamboo Shelter Walk

The original site was given as The *Scape Youth Park, located in the shopping hub of Singapore. However, we realized there is a disconnect between the site and the rest of the Somerset Belt as it is located at a cross-road junction. Thus, we proposed to welcome visitors to the site from four entrances, creating a Blk 113 bamboo shelter walk covering the perimeter of the site. We wanted to bring the Blk 113 experience to visitors before they even stepped into the site. Events and exhibitions are curated along the walk ranging from active to quiet spaces, complimenting the Somerset Belt’s natural conditions.

Circulation & Zoning

1. A Linear Progression of Programs
2. Making Use of Vertical Height
3. Site Shading
4. Dispersal of Programs
5. Walking Radii for Entryways & Shading
6. Circulation & Zoning


The program zoning of Blk 113 is classified into three types namely, craft workshops, exhibitions and mingle courtyards. These three zones are strategically scattered across the site.

Craft Workshops
Introducing hands-on experiences to the youths with monthly thematic crafts from various cultures and traditions, such as Batik painting, Lantern Making etc.

Spaces to mingle and rest
F&B offerings that feature forgotten local delights such as malay/chinese kuehs, kachang puteh and traditional baked goods. Comfortable seating for groups are also designed to accommodate for various activities. 

Exhibitions and Performances
Alongside thematic workshops, dedicated exhibition areas are designed to showcase works by masters and participants of the workshop.

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First Storey Plan
The series of floorplans show the programmatic layout of the site,
Second Storey Plan
and floorplans to illustrate the incorporation of flora between the adjacencies of each programme.
Roof Plan
The roof plan shows how the bamboo roofscapes give Blk 113 a unique architectural identity.

Images from Unsplash & Pixabay

Versatility of Courtyard

The easy-to-install structural design allows for a flexibility in construction and the creation of different functional elements.

Axonometric View

Sections & Construction Details

Crafters, artisans and exhibition goers interact on an intimate scale, through the expanse of nature.



The image shows an axonometric drawing of the site, depicting how the site has potential to be transformed into a unique urban experience. The project is envisioned as unique crafting ‘villages’ that provide spaces for the youth to continue these crafts.

Interior of Workshop Spaces

Cladding existing Red Box with bamboos in gradient colour to achieve design consistency.

Rattan facade, benches to sit and chill

Batik Displays at the Exhibition Marquee

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