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ASD Alumni and Industry Partners’ testimonials

Hear what our alumni and industry partners have to say about Architecture and Sustainable Design at Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Sharing by student Ryan on Gradshow exhibition and alumna Nabila on receiving an international award

Ryan, current M.Arch student and director of Gradshow 5: Metropolis tells us what is so special about the exhibition his team put out in celebration of their completion of the B.Sc programme at SUTD.

Nabila, an M.Arch alumnus, talks about her thesis project and what it meant when it won the prestigious international Coup de Coeur Award in the category “Architecture and Issue of Sea Level Rise” Leonardo da Vinci promotion, for her master thesis project ‘A Living Organism’.

Designing SUTD Open House 2018

The showcase booths at SUTD Open House 2018 was a magnificent chorus of displays, demos and activities. Much of the furniture, including the welcome desk and showcase tables, were custom-designed and assembled by a team led by Assistant Professors Carlos Bañón and Felix Raspall from the Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar.

What would your version of a re-imagined hawker centre look like? Assistant Professor Carlos Bañón explores the architectural possibilities of our hawker centres and how they can evolve to meet the changing needs of communities.

Amidst the pressing issue of rising sea levels, Professor of Practice Eva Castro from SUTD’s Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar explains how her research lab, Form Axioms is looking into designing sustainable designs for both the present and future.

Asst. Prof. Kenneth Tracy shares his work at Dynamic Assemblies Lab at SUTD

Kenneth Tracy is Assistant Professor at the Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar, Singapore University of Technology and Design. He co-leads the Dynamic Assemblies Lab at SUTD which specialises in investigations at the intersection of form, fabrication and the environment. Read more at

Senior Lecturer Daniel Whittaker shares about his work at SUTD

Daniel Whittaker is Senior Lecturer at the Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar, Singapore University of Technology and Design. He specialises in the translation of design intentionality into contemporary building construction techniques; institutionalisation and political use of architectural history; and re-presentation of historical narratives and how they serve societal imperatives. Read more at

Social Architecture: Tan Tay Kindergarten project

SUTD OLab, led by ASD Associate Professor Chong Keng Hua, together with students embarked on a community design project in Hanoi, in partnership with WorldVision and CapitaLand. The project provided a safe and child-friendly learning and playing compound for a new kindergarten in Le Xa, a countryside 90-minute east of Hanoi, so that local children under three could be encouraged to go to pre-school and to receive proper nutrition and education.

Architecture Core Studio 1

The studio establishes foundations for architectural design through three projects that build in scope and complexity to have students engage issues of 3-dimensional geometry and drawing, space and component aggregation, ordering systems, structure, circulation and narrative, and tectonics.

Architecture Core Studio 2

The studio explores the thresholds between the real and the virtual through the use of Virtual Reality – a bold and innovative approach to architectural education locally, regionally and globally.

HDB’s Designing for Life Exhibit!

Future Housing designs by our SUTD ASD students are being featured at the HDB’s Designing for Life Exhibit!
You will find our student’s work under the ‘Design Your Plot!’ tab at

The exploration of the future of housing stemmed from the challenge of PM Lee during a National Day Rally on how the question of climate change and sea water level rise can be confronted. The students’ were given the opportunity to imagine a sustainable Polder Island and the possible life in it, along the East Coast of Singapore. This coincided with the celebration HDB’s 60th anniversary.

Sustainable Design Option Studio 1: Drone on the Beach

This studio explores the unlikely cohabitation of the architecture of the drone port and the coastal landscape dedicated to ecology and leisure. This cohabitation need not be conflictual; indeed, we expect to find unexpected and productive overlaps that protect ecological continuities and provide efficient infrastructure for new systems of drone delivery.

Augmented Drone Simulation

In attempting to replicate the conditions for designing a droneport, students tap into the power of augmented reality to inform their designs. The video was produced as part of their assignment for course Augmented Design taught by Lecturer Jason Lim and Option Studio: Coastal Droneports led by Assistant Professor Peter Ortner.

Urban Sketching course

Sketching is a way of communication and expression. Sketching architecture is a way to understand and record our spatial environment. Urban Sketching is designed to equip students with fundamental sketching skills with a focus on the urban fabrics and landscapes. Course Instructor Ar. Tia shares about the Urban Sketching course at Architecture and Sustainable Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Gradshow 4: Makerspace

The Makerspace is a unique embodiment of the space that is produced when SUTD students collaborate to create and design. Our students are given the opportunity to work with and explore a multitude of mediums and software. The education we undergo forms the backbone of our skillset, equipping us with an array of tools. However, this skeleton does not define who we are as individuals, but rather it guides us into discovering our passions and allows us the freedom to pursue our interests using a combination of the skills taught to us.

This Graduation Show hopes to push past the stereotype of ordinary exhibitions. It tries to head in a direction that digs deeper into the intricacies of each project and the processes it takes to achieve the final result. Thus, the main exhibition space displays the range of processes that our architecture students go through before reaching their final product. There are three main mediums for which these processes are displayed on, paper, video and through our models. Through these three mediums, the various skills are displayed; i.e. writing, sketching, representation, model building, design computation and digital fabrication.

This showcase is presented by ASD Class of 2018.

Gradshow 5: Metropolis

A city of distinct parts – separate yet bound together through a common intention: a better world by design.

Metropolis, the theme of the fifth installation to ASD’s Grad Show intends to showcase the unique designs our cohort has produced over the past 3 years. Rather than display them separately, a common island in the centre of the gallery combines the different projects into an eclectic cityscape. The strength of a metropolis comes from the variety in typologies present, and ours is no different.

This showcase is presented by ASD Class of 2019.

Community Design at Hanoi

Building on previous participatory community design project in Ho Chi Minh City (2014-2015), SUTD OLab embarked on a new community design project in Hanoi, in partnership with WorldVision and CapitaLand, to build a safe and child-friendly learning and playing compound for a new kindergarten in Le Xa, a countryside 90-minute east of Hanoi.

ASD Information session

Professor Erwin Viray and Assistant Professor Carlos Banon share what students at Architecture and Sustainable Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design do. This sharing was done as part of the Admissions Outreach talk on 30 Nov 2019.