Living in an Aging World

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PI/ Co PI/ CollaboratorChong Keng Hua, Yow Wei Quin (SUTD HASS), Prof. Wu Jing (ZJU) Funding Source:  Singapore University of Technology and Design - Zhejiang University (SUTD-ZJU) Pilot Project, Internal
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This research focuses on psychological well-being of seniors, and its relation to physical environment and social infrastructure, through comparisons bwtween housing estates in Singapore and Zhejiang. The results have shown that while Continuity and Compensation are generally highly satisfied in Singapore, Contribution and Challenge as perceived by elderly are generally low. Conversely, while satisfaction in Continuity and Compensation appear to be lower in Zhejiang, the elderly are more satisfied with their Contribution and Challenge.

Keng Hua Chong, Wei Quin Yow, Debbie Loo & Ferninda Patrycia (2015) Psychosocial Well-Being of the Elderly and Their Perception of Matured Estate in Singapore, Journal of Housing For the Elderly, 29:3, 259-297, DOI: 10.1080/02763893.2015.1055025