Data Visualisation for Design Decision Making

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PI/ Co PI/ CollaboratorSam Conrad Joyce, Ate Poorthuis (SUTD HASS) Funding Source:  Singapore University of Technology and Design - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - International Design Centre (SUTD-MIT IDC) Grant, Internal
Start Date:  1 August, 2017 End Date:  31 August, 2019

This project proposes a research program that investigates and develops a ‘decision-making first’ centric methodology for developing data-visualization in design and decision-making context. Typically, with buildings, master plans or government initiatives there is a complex set of stakeholders with executive power. This project aims to research and consider what types of visualizations are required to provide the best insight to help these people make these decisions. Fitting data to decisions rather than fitting visualizations to data.

The research combines existing work with new industry focused experiments aimed at finding the limits oh human visual processing power and the most optimal approaches to data comprehension under typical design situations. Current work focuses on developing software tools and advice documentation for data heavy design use.