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Jalan Progress

Jalan Progress (Singapore: Singapore University of Technology and Design, 2017) is an illustrated children’s book produced by two students of the undergraduate elective course.

[Re] PING – supported by ReallyArchitecture (re:ACT)

The team aims to create a behavioural change within the community through providing a platform that enables information to be better communicated and understood to the people in the neighborhood. This platform provides a constant feedback of information and knowledge relating to more sustainable disposal practices. The difference of PING-ing such information as compared to media based knowledge lies in its user interface and the methods of receiving Green contents in a fun and enjoyable way. [Re] PING aims to foster a FUN experience that involves the engagement of the community through a physical platform that encourages interaction so that people in the community can learn about good recycling habits, the advantages and actual effects of recycling properly through participating in an enjoyable recycling process.

In My Backyard (IMBY)

IMBY: In My Backyard is an initiative to engage the public in rethinking and re-imagining the potential of backalleys unique to our local urban landscape, in reuniting our increasingly diverse community and bringing back the

Sunlove Marsiling Senior Activity Centre: Inside Out

Inside Out is a community design project to redesign and revitalise the Sunlove Senior Activity Centre in Marsiling. It explores a participatory design approach in engaging the elderly through the design and co-creation of the prototypes.

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