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Flowing Gardens

Project Info Location: Xi'an, Shanxii Province, PR China Type: Horticultural Expo Client: Changba Ecological

Kaleidoscopic Monolith

Project Info Designed and built for iLight Marina Bay 2017, Kaleidoscopic Monolith incites curiosity from

New Urban Kampung Research Programme

Prof. Chong Keng Hua leads the research programme, which includes 4 research projects, each led by a PI and several co-PIs, altogether 7 faculties from ASD, HASS & EPD.

Clay + Robotics

Unlike common subtractive processes such as Computer Numeric Control (CNC) milling where solid material is often pulverised during machining

Kyoto Soap

Contributors were asked to develop strategies for Kyoto’s future. One of the proposals focusing on updating Kyoto’s identity construct is a TV-sitcom

Housing Projects

Residential projects include new buildings and conversions in both inner-city and suburban settings, low-budget housing, energy efficient

Bremen Granary

The Granary was to become a public field and a key attractor for an urban revitalization. The aim is to initiate a sustainable development of the entire area, to connect

Berlin North – Hamburger Bahnhof Exhibition

With 10 projects, 13 artists and 2 exhibition guides a platform offers the possibility to communicate and exchange their ideas. The platform also serves as a seating furniture for meetings and discussions in Hamburger Bahnhof.

London Southwark – Revitalization

The design was conceived both as an image and an instrument for the urban debate - flexible enough to adapt to changing planning parameters but persistent and salient as an urban image.

Project Samples

Oliver's practice worked on a series of public and residential projects, both as converted and as new buildings. References include the conversion of former military and industrial facilities, community centers, energy-efficient architecture, innovative residential buildings with flexible floor plans, and collaborative housing projects.

Chicago Watertank – Chicago Prize

Finally, the city seems to rest, the pedestrians gone, the motor traffic slowed, the street darkened. But the daily cycle has been captured, as cameras on the watertanks have recorded what the city has experienced during the day.

Floorplan Manual Housing

Project Info The book documents and analyzes 165 international housing projects. It shows the latest

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