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The 16-week SUTD Internship programme is an initiative that will aid students in making connections between their study of architecture and the real world of practice by undertaking supervised work placements in architectural firms which we shall call the “employer”. Assigned work may encompass a wide range of tasks that is discussed and decided by the employer, the intern and SUTD. The structured internship serves as a preamble for the students’ master’s thesis. During the structured internship, students will develop ideas for their master’s thesis in selected thematic areas related to sustainable design. The structured internship encourages students to take inspirations for their thesis subjects from working in the industry and interacting with their employers. As such, the structured internship should be relevant to the future studies and perhaps career of the intern. Employers should ensure scope of internship is meaningful and that the internship is carried out fully on the employer’s premises (i.e. not based in SUTD). During the structured internship, students will meet once a month with their SUTD advisors in order to discuss their evolving thesis subjects.


  • To expose students to the work environment and gaining work experience in the industry, as a preamble for their master’s thesis project
  • To provide opportunities for students to be involved in the conceptual stages of real architectural projects
  • To inspire students to define their master’s thesis topics in selected thematic areas, grounded in the professional reality
  • To put into practice what they have learnt in their architectural studies
  • To instil in students the right work ethics through interaction with people in the organisation
  • To provide on-the-job training and acquire relevant skills prior to students entering the workforce
  • To explore career possibilities


  • Only students who meet and maintain the required qualifications, demonstrate professional readiness and who adhere to the procedures and regulations of the programme may participate.
  • The student should be in the senior year (Term 8) when applying for the structured internship
  • The student should have undertaken the key Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP) modules.
  • The student must have the right attitude and must adhere to the requirements of programme.
  • It is mandatory for the student to successfully complete the structured internship prior to the start of Term 9.


Application for Structured Internship opens from end May. The internship portal can be accessed here. (

Briefing for Structured Internship will be conducted mid to end May for all successful applicants.

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