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SUTD’s five-year Master of Architecture programme, which includes the completion of the Bachelor of Science, with a major in the Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) pillar, received full accreditation. Evaluated by the Board of Architects’ (BOA) accreditation panel that comprises BOA Board members, practicing architects and academia, the university received positive reviews and support. In general, the panel was very impressed by SUTD’s good urban development research outcomes, differentiated pedagogy with a focus on technology, excellent facilities and equipment to support teaching and learning as well as its committed faculty and staff. The BOA has indicated on their official website that SUTD’s Master of Architecture is an accredited programme since December 2016. In addition, it is now recognised by the BOA as one of the required qualifications for the purpose of professional registration.

Mr Tan Shao Yen
Board of Architects Singapore

The masters of architecture programme at the Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) pillar represents the deep investigation into the technology and research infused design perused by SUTD. This is an accelerated course held over 3 terms, principally comprising practice, studio and thesis elements. It is designed to orientate and focus students through a longer term thesis-based design methodology and project; and to realize new visions of novel creative and social design futures.

Structured Internship

The first term is situated in internship. This experience is used as a way to understanding the industry in a hands-on way with time to consider and develop a situational awareness to help guide the next two terms. Internships can be provided by SUTD connections and can be perused inside and outside of Singapore. During this time, students return to SUTD periodically and a thesis challenge and topic is collaboratively worked on between student and faculty.

Term 9

The second term centres on an option studio held by leading academics and visiting local and international practitioners. Option courses drive deeper understanding into advanced architectural topics and applied technologies. Alongside this are seminars introducing the thesis project methodology, with each student partnering with an individual faculty mentor to develop the thesis proposal and research. There are also the required courses to cover the technical and legal aspects required of an accredited masters course.

Term 10

The final term is the centre piece of the masters’ course. It is a focused term allowing students time and freedom to explore their previously developed thesis ideas into a full design. Each year the thesis is focused by a collective topic relating to needs or broad challenges within architecture and society shared at the start of the course. Taking the initial research and situational experience from the first two terms and culminating in a design solution at a building or master planning level. This is presented in front of peers and an international jury.

The Master of Architecture programme is accredited by the Board of Architects Singapore.

Programme Structure

SUTD Undergraduate / M.Arch Academic Calendar (for students matriculated before AY2020)




SUTD Undergraduate / M.Arch Academic Calendar (for students matriculated after AY2020)

M.Arch new calendar will only take effect from Year 2024




* Term 3 Electives: Science & Technology for Healthcare
Data Driven World
Designing Energy Systems
Spatial Design World