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Studio Instructor(s)

Siew Man Kok, Chum Jia Xin, Chung Sae Hoon, Razvan Ghilic-Micu & Joao Lavrador

Program: Collaborative Learning Spaces

Scale: 3000 sqm plot

Site: Bras Basah, Singapore

Empowered by technology and easy access to both content and online collaborative platforms, the act of contemporary teaching and learning is increasingly liberated both from its physical dependence on a dedicated educational space, and its logistical ties to a conventional time-table.

Are we witnessing a rapid obsolescence of traditional educational facilities, from urban planning to programming and spatial design?

Are we moving towards an increased integration of university, industry and the city as epicentres of education, knowledge and progress?

What are the new emerging typologies that reflect this increasing blurring of boundaries between the university, the workplace and the community, active around the clock?

The studio is meant to tease out the potential of creating a strong intellectual nucleus in the heart of the city, while attempting to physicalize the contemporary and future technology-enabled learning.