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Studio Instructor(s)

Carlos Bañón

Program: Mixed-Use High-Rise Development

Scale: 5000-8000 sqm plots

Site: Punggol, Singapore

To think about vertical construction entails necessarily to envision new modalities of public spaces which satisfy nowadays’ new demands as a result of social, cultural and demographic transformations, emphasised by global metropolis. At this point it is relevant to make a revision of public typologies that were, for more than one century, attached to past inertias and fundamentally horizontal.

The successful experience of modern high-rise buildings, essentially focused on private businesses should be reverted in favour of the public spaces, seeking for agreement areas to rehearse for new ways of urban management, and shape future developments.

They establish a still very recent typology, hence a clear field of research for new conceptions, not only technical but also cultural, in order to achieve a new notion of elegance that contributes to build up a collective vision of new cities.

Active and passive energy strategies will drive the designs in parallel with social and tectonic inputs. By applying essential principles in energy and thermal knowledge this Stutio seeks for not only more efficient but more relevant typologies in a tropical climate.