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Studio Instructor(s)

Chong Keng Hua

Program: Public Furniture / Urban Life

Scale: Varied

Site: Yuhua, Public Housing Estate

Historically, population growth and urban development has always been centred around river ports, seaports, railway junctions, highway crossings, subway stations, and airports. With the advent of high-speed rail, hybrid/electric/ driverless car, as well as rising popularity of cycling, personal mobility device (PMD), Uber, Grab, etc., transit-oriented development is indeed going through a renaissance in most cities.

In the next decade we will witness the birth of Singapore’s second CBD at the Jurong Lake District (JLD), with the new high-speed rail station located right at its heart which would redefine its relationship with Kuala Lumpur. More importantly, it would also redefine Jurong, one of the earliest industrial towns with matured housing estates. As people are getting more connected, we begin to question how existing estates and urban places could be re-imagined in response to the fast-changing landscape, and make sense to people’s life in the coming age.

This studio thus aims to explore the adaptability and liveability of future urban design in an evolving regional centre Jurong Gateway and an adjacent public housing estate Yuhua, in order to rethink public space typology, urban street life, connectivity, community design, place-making strategy, and to create new opportunities for meaningful social interactions.