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Studio Instructor(s)

Manuel Der Hagopian

Program: Multi-functional and sustainable pavilion

Scale: Varied

Site: Oerlikon, Zurich, Switzerland

The project is set in a former industrial area, which is currently the centre of a new mixed-use project designed by group8asia, in Oerlikon, Zurich. Part of the new development will be a prominent public square. Students were tasked with studying the urban site condition and producing a design proposal for a multifunctional and sustainable public shelter.

The foundation of every proposal is rooted in sustainable innovations, both local and global. Design cannot be independent of its context, climate, culture, local resources, community and economic sustainability. The resulting interventions are based on understanding existing site conditions and proposing new perspectives on user interactions. At the end of the studio six student projects were selected and their designs presented to the client in Zurich, from which one is to be further developed and built.