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Studio Instructor(s)

Jean Francois Milou, Jason Tan, Nguyen Thanh Trung

Program: Varied

Scale: Varied

Site: The National Gallery Singapore and the Padang

The Green Layer

The aim of the exercise of the studio is to try to practise design in full understanding of the different layers of time, artworks in the fabric of the place. The first part of the design studio was to engage the student in mapping which part of the National Gallery from the architectural project of the 30s and which part of the project has been designed between 2008-2015 along with the creation of the National Gallery. In this exercise, we have tried to create a very simple colour scheme, the white and red layer, allowing the public to have a very legible exercise to this layering of elements and we proposed in a very simple document a mapping of the time and some associated documentation related to the architecture of the 30s in Singapore and worldwide. Thus, the second part of the exercise is to bring on the top of this white and red layer a new layer of design, the green layer, and trying to engage the student more in understanding how layers are adjusted to each other. At the same time, the students are invited to deepen their understanding of the layering of design in every place and how this understanding should influence or not the way we are designing. At the end of the exercise, the students proposed a document on how the aspects of the red, green and white layer are very clearly playing together in a legible and sensitive way.