Towards an Old Landscape

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Ling Hao, Founder Ling Hao Architects

Program: Suburban Landscape
Site: Tanah Merah
Scale: 2000m2 to 5000m2


There is a closeness between the environment and living . One shapes the other, continuously changing and adapting. The present environment is something that is alive and are like sceneries that we take part in.

In the above scene, the landscape is composed of big blocks of buildings and smaller more individuated buildings , big fields, small paths, bitumen roads, steep hills , big trees, small plants, solitary figures, group activities under an expansive sky.

Within the school, public housing flats, terrace houses, hawker centres, condominiums, there appears a specific role and set of behaviours. Over time, these arrangement were developed based on ideas of making communities, and more recently by financial impulses. There is a freedom but which is related to the set places and roles. There are hierachies of openness that can be felt.

Walking from the bus stop to school, or from the house to the wet market, there are however surprising encounters, with the buzzing bees around the creepers on the fencing, the burning incense on the makeshift altar under the big tree, a dog being taken for a walk , the sudden downpour of the rain. It is as if the outdoor is a place of surprises and opportunities.

In making, how does one think about all this? This studio will study and propose ways of approaching this issues.

The studio will work around this everyday suburban landscape of Tanah Merah.