The Le Corbusier & Paris Studio

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Studio Instructor

Rene Tan & RT + Q

Studio Intent

The intent of this studio is to combine Design with History and Travel.

The students will familiarize themselves with the works of Le Corbusier—arguably the most important architect of the 20th century–and then embark on a series of design exercises. The studio aims to study and apply lessons of Le Corbusier’s architecture to contemporary challenges and circumstance.

The word is APPLY.

Studio Description

The study of the works of Le Corbusier—building, paintings, writing, sculpture– is essential to the education of students of design in general and to architects in particular. Students are exposed to the wide variety of Le Corbusier’s buildings in type, form, scale and geography

Studio Exercises

This studio will visit, study and analyse Le Corbusier’s buildings—through seeing them first-hand in France and from other sources—before designing on a series of 2 interrelated design projects.

Studio Expectations

Project 1
An extension to a Le Corbusier building.

This first exercise is an exploration of form, scale, hierarchy and proportion. Students will be asked to design a simple addition to an existing Le Corbusier design. Student design proposals are expected to complement and enhance the existing design—not destroy it.

Project 2
Restoring the Notre Dame Paris.
This second design project will explore issues surrounding the restoration of the recently damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Issues of structure, form, materials, composition, restoration and ethics will be discussed and tested.

A reading of (a portion of) Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame will be required.

The student is expected to demonstrate and deploy lessons learnt from Le Corbusier to the cathedral design.

Studio Trip

The studio will make a trip to Paris during the term break July 1-5. Students will visit a series of Le Corbusier’s buildings in Paris as well as other cities in France. Sgd2000 is the estimated cost of the whole trip.

Attending this trip is encouraged; not required.