The Future of Cities

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Studio Instructor(s)

Thomas Schroepfer (Lead), Lynette Chea, Hyungkyoo Kim, Dietmar Leyk, Aloysius Lian, Matthew van der Ploeg, Jean Yong, Belinda Yuen

Program: Future Urban Building Typologies

Scale: Varied

Site: Keppel-Labrador- Bukit Merah, Singapore

The Future of Cities studio that was offered in collaboration with SUTD’s Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC), the Singapore-ETH Centre Future Cities Laboratory (SEC FCL) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore (URA), explored future urban typologies in the context of Keppel- Labrador- Bukit Merah, a 64-hectare- site situated along Singapore’s southern waterfront that has been earmarked for development. The studio addressed the need for enhanced liveability through the design of new urban typologies that provide good accessibility to amenities and services, ensure environmental comfort, support future live-work arrangements, foster inclusivity in an increasingly diverse society, warrant equitable provision of community facilities and services, and strengthen the city’s resilience to impacts of climate change. The studio explored unique proposals for the Keppel-Labrador- Bukit Merah and at the same time synthesized key typological innovations that can be extracted for other sites in the future.