Sustainable Workplaces in Kyoto – Kyosei in Society 5.0

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Geometry of Kyoto

Studio Instructor

Ryusuke Kojio

Description on Studio

Takenaka Studio provides design workshop setting a site in Kyoto city and designing today’s ‘sustainable workplace’. While examining current appearance of the city, which used to be the capital of Japan, as well as the urban structure and context of the city from an old age, it is requested to give a tangible/intangible form to a workplace as a space to work/live together in Kyoto of today, and to propose a new way of working/living in Society 5.0.

Several lectures on Japanese carpenter sprits, modern architectural design in Japan, Europe and Asia, up-to-date information on industry technology and Integrated Product Delivery utilizing BIM and so on … will be given in the course.

Studio Objectives

Students are to participate in the studio either by individuals or teams of two or three. It is important to first consider what kind of a new way of co-living/co-working can be possible in the city that is well-established yet mix of the old and the new. Through a lot of discussions the students are encouraged to create something in the style of architecture or a series of objective structures, which will represent sustainable co-living/co-working in the latest society.

Studio Expectations

Design brief, Program, Renderings, Drawings, Simulations, Computational modeling as well as scale models are to be well organized and submitted.(Minimum volume, for example, is 2 – 4 times of A1 format and one scale model with any scales.