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Studio Instructor

Ling Hao


Waking, washing up and dressing to go to work. Refreshed like the morning. As the sun sets, the body stirs again, getting ready to catch the cool musky evening breeze, on the way home.
These everyday scenes of an urban life are enacted in innumerable ways. To a house wife the times of the day perhaps arrange the shifts in her behaviour and mood. The atmospheres which oscillates between home and work is perhaps compressed compared with someone who takes a journey of 40 minutes on a bus but can feel as repetitively epic. To a trader who works in an air conditioned bedroom facing a 6 screen tv with no night or day, the times are marked by the rise and fall of numbers.

How are these worlds changing? The environment and our behaviours continously mutually transforms. The rigidity of the passing of time flows with feelings. The sceneries have become stagnant, practices of functionality and separation have led to an environment which doesn’t celebrate the casualness of life. It has definitely made an orderliness and productiveness, but it also withholds other instincts. Let’s try to stir up again what these environments could be like, by imagining the acts of living. To refresh.

Part 1: To discover the flows of the passing of time:

Weeks 1 to 4: To draw out the dimensions of sleeping, eating, bathing, working, playing, cooking, planting, walking and other everydays of each individual.

Guests will present a range of issues around growing, sweating, decay, habits and others.

Weeks 5 to 6: Individually make a brief for individual world with specificities including sizes. Together combine the 10 or more individual briefs. Make a site for this combined world in your individual neighbourhoods.
Quick schematic presentation.

Part 2: To encounter a natural world, where the daily life freely flows.

Weeks 7 to 12: Devising the scheme and the ways to live it. Physical models and drawings for the whole duration.

Physical models and drawings for the whole duration.