Bamboo in Formation : From Material Research to Architectural Imagination

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Studio Instructor(s)

Felix Raspall & Felix Amtsberg

Program: Cultural

Scale: Varied

Site: China

Architecture has a fundamental relationship to materiality. Matter not only makes architecture physical, it supplies fertile opportunities to advance its own expressive possibilities. How can material technologies, from traditional to cutting edge, empower the compositional and typological intentions of the designer’s imagination? “Bamboo (in)formation” focuses on a specific material, bamboo, which serves as a platform to examine architecture’s essential topics such as form, space, typology, structure, energy, narrative, and cultural and social intentions. In this way, instead of an inert recipient of the designer’s commands, bamboo becomes the means to embark into creative design production and critical discussion.

The studio welcomes and encourages variety in approaches, from proposals that targets social concerns related to harvesting and production practices of the material, to formal and spatial explorations and technological innovations using advanced digital technologies. Throughout the term, projects will develop from initial concepts into rigorous projects through constant architectural production and experimentation on drawings, physical and digital models and other design techniques and formats.

The studio’s final output will be a fully-fledged design of a building, whose programme, typology and form will embody a critical position developed throughout the term.