New Sustainable Mass Housing

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Manuel Der Hagopian
Architect Partner and co-founder group8asia


Armand Devillard, Senior Designer Architect, group8asia

Program: Mass Housing
Site: Bedok, Singapore
Scale: 5 Hectare Site


“New Sustainable Housing Mass” is a studio that introduces a new way to explore and experiment, through a complete design project, advanced typologies and structures together with contemporary sustainable solutions, dedicated to live in dense and tropical conditions.

Distinct types of high density green housing projects will take place in the heart of Bedok new town area in Singapore. Located on the corner of Bedok South Avenue and New upper Changi Road, the site has a direct connection to Tanah Merah MRT station. It consists of an important undeveloped urban plot of nearly 5 hectares and provides all conditions of a development in Singapore for a typical case study with a density of 3.0.

Throughout the studio, the students will go through a sequence of models questioning the sustainable high density residential type. By a playful and abstract approach, each exercise aims to raise sustainable concerns and to open possibilities of answers by an unused type of housing mass. At the end of the semester, each student shall get a residential prototype mass that will be part of a compilation of a contemporary sustainable housing utopia for Singapore.