Local Food

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Maria Warner Wong

The studio explores one of the earliest and most underdeveloped sites in Singapore adopting a wide range of technologies to document sensory experience, revisit its early purpose and employ 21st century interventions to represent the idea of an experimental urban agricultural garden.

Primary objectives of the studio will be to develop a personal definition of sustainability which studio members can develop and employ in future projects, special attention will be paid to the role of trees on the site and their potential as moderators of microclimate. The final design project, a community facility for the development of an experimental urban agricultural centre will be assessed for its experiential qualities expressed through architecture, site and landscape design.

The site was originally known as Bukit Cawah, nestled safely in the heart of Singapore, it can be said that the love and fascination with Botany that has been stewarded into the present by a wide range of state sponsored facilities, was originally nurtured in this locality which retains much of the quality for which it was originally treasured. Currently known as Mount Emily Park, the site is located within the CBD on an elevated site overlooking the city.