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Khoo Teik Rong + RSP


There is an increasing impetus to re-imagine a more sustainable fashion industry. What can Designers do to reconcile this issue? This studio seeks to find ways through design inquiry to implement tangible concepts across scales and across over long lifecycles. The Studio proposes to address these issues through a proposed circular fashion economy and its spatial implications.

“As we have amplified our ability to shape the world, so we become more responsible for the long afterlives of that shaping. The Anthropocene asks of us the question memorably posed by the immunologist Jonas Salk: ‘Are we being good ancestors?”— Robert Macfarlane


Circular Economy for the Fashion Industry – where are the constraints, gaps and opportunities? To focus upon holistic sustainability strategies and ideas that are grounded. To further this agenda, invited industry subject matter experts1 (Johan Lingner Head of H&M Store Design; Daniel Boey – “Godfather of Singapore fashion”/ The Front Row) will give us further insight into
the challenges the fashion industry faces with sustainable practices.

The site in question: Orchard Road.
How can we re-discover the potential of the site with the H&M building at its center. How does the site become a vehicle for exploration of the studio’s themes?

Drawing, graphics and models to communicate Context, Data Collection, Building typology, character etc. and the individual’s ability to turn this into a narrative that explores the Studio’s themes.


Iterative and comparative designs, review and analysis.

Studio Objectives

Students will be exposed to ideas and issues from many different points of view. Through reflection of material in the early discovery phase of the studio, students will be able to define in their own terms – translating those observations and insights into territory that has architectural potential – to speculate upon how to act.

Studio Expectations

A conceptual design project to develop student’s critical, analytical and design skills by exploring ways of knowing where and how to intervene – the translation of analysis into ideas and concepts holding architectural potential. Developing communication skills through making drawings/models that speak to ideas and concepts.

It is planned for the Studio to participate at the upcoming Fashion Design Exhibition2 in 2023

1Pending their schedules
2Pending Front Row confirmation