Bridging Thinking & Making

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One of the challenges of a designer when we look at a problem is to figure out a question to ask from a different viewpoint. When you view a problem from a different viewpoint, you can always find delightful solutions. We believe design thinking is not a talent. It is something that can be learned. It’s a muscle that can be trained if it is used.

The studio is interested in exploring various design thinking methods. To give you tools to tone those muscles. By applying certain methods, we can force ourselves to think differently from how we normally will. By doing so, we can increase our chances to find appropriate delightful solutions.


We also want you to experience the making process. Most of the time, it is non-linear; it is cyclical, when negotiating how to make, you will be going back and forth to the origins of your questions. To experience this process, you have to make, all within a limitation of resources, tools and skills available around you. (time, money, materials, skill level). Only through practical experience do we learn how to make, learning about the limitation of the resources around us and negotiating around the resources. Again, like training the thinking muscle. We want to give you an opportunity to practice those making muscle too.


The objective of the studio is for you to experiment with various thinking methods and making experience, concluding in an actionable question constructed physically, with the available resources around you.