Augmented Spaces

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Photo by, Nobutada OMOTE | SANDWICH

Studio Instructor(s)

Yuchi Kodai

Program: Mixed

Scale: 1:100

Site: Mount Faber Park

Architecture is dependent on a fine balance between User, Space and Environment. Architects, through a creative thinking, must have the ability to weave through those essences and assemble them into a continuously evolving space. This studio intends to explore its potentials by defining a proposal through creativity and to what it can offer to the local context. The findings of precedents through personal interpretation will become the source of the proposed building.

The studio will approach this theme through three topics, Program / System / Time. We will tackle Program through a creative approach using the eye of contemporary art, questioning what the relationship between the space and the person is by fusing the experience of space, reaching levels that impact beyond the primary user. System will originate through an investigation of vernacular buildings, where its architectural essence will be translated into the student’s own proposal. This intends to reveal the importance and the effects of applying a more creative approach by positively influencing lifestyle through architectural design. Time will help to add extra layers of architectural thoughts and understandings into the student’s own explorations. This will ultimately become the sustainability topic which they will be asked to develop into further detail via design investigations, ending in their final design proposal.

The work must be carried out through a dialogue between physical and digital architectural models, drawings and diagrams while looking at precedents. Rather than looking at its buildability of the proposal, students will need to develop an analogical strategy of argumentation, questioning sustainability and how it manifests itself as an architectural proposal. In parallel, they will need to investigate their chosen system and develop a prototype which becomes the basis of architectural scheme within the site surroundings. The final proposal will show the adaptation of its formation that comprehensively represents woven essences on the site context.