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The Undergraduate programme comprises eight academic terms leading to a Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design) degree. Our unique programme structure and hands-on approach to Architecture confers on our students the necessary mix of hard skills and creative thinking to face future challenges in society and Architecture.

Our programme consists of core subjects, electives, capstone, option studios and urban sketching.

Core Subjects

The ASD Pillar Core encompasses Terms 4, 5 and 6. The Design Studio sequence is at the heart of the programme and is unique to architectural education. Subject revolves around the Design Studio sequence and fall into three areas of focus: Design Computation; Building Technology; and History, Theory and Culture.


Several electives are offered to address emerging challenges such as critical resource constraints, the need for energy-efficient and livable housing, rapid urbanization, transportation planning, historical conservation and land use transformations.

Capstone and Option studios

The Capstone Studio and the Option Studio represent culminating projects for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Sustainable Design programme, offering students the opportunity to work on real world problems individually and in interdisciplinary and cross-pillar teams.

Urban Sketching

Sketching is a way of communication and expression. Sketching architecture is a way to understand and record our spatial environment. Urban Sketching is designed to equip students with fundamental sketching skills with a focus on the urban fabrics and landscapes.


Programme Structure




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