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PhD Student

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Elif_Aydin26
Pillar / Cluster: Architecture and Sustainable Design


Elif Esra Aydin is a PhD candidate who is currently studying with Assist. Prof. Alstan Jakubiec (University of Toronto) and Assoc. Prof. Bige Tuncer in SUTD. Elif Esra earned her MSc degree expertise on energy efficiency in the building scale from Yasar University, Turkey, in Computational Design program- Architecture. Meanwhile, she had worked at Yasar University – Architecture Department as a research and teaching assistant for three years. She had been assisting “Integral Design Studio Project III-IV” for two-years as well as teaching the building environmental performance prediction tools to support design decisions in “Sustainable Buildings and Environment” course as a part of the integral design studio. Throughout her bachelor education in Architecture at Yasar University, she had experienced in the municipality and several industrial companies about a year, while contributing the design and construction projects for architectural restoration and school building design.

Research Statement

After studied on energy efficiency for the building scale regarding the sustainable designs, I have extended my research topic from building to the urban scale sustainability considering the nowadays global challenges such as global warming, rapid urbanization, urban heat island. From my point of view, as an architect, to be aware of the reciprocal impact of building to its built environment is remarkably significant to mitigate the challenges mentioned and to take precautions for designing livable, healthy and comfortable future cities. Therefore, I am currently working on the performance-based urban design explorations associated with environmental performance metrics such as energy, daylighting, thermal comfort. Overall, my research interest is promising to support the urban design decisions for multidisciplinary fields covering architecture, urban planning, and engineering.

Research Interest

Multi-scale environmental sustainability, climate-responsive performance-driven design

Selected Publications

  • “A Framework for Improving Energy Efficiency in Municipality Buildings. Aydin”. Elif Esra. Yasar University (MSc. in Architecture), Computational Design, Architecture Department, Master’s Degree, supervised by Assist. Prof. Ilker KAHRAMAN
  • “Sawtooth Method for Teaching Seismic Design Principles to Architecture Students”. Morales-Beltran, Mauricio; Charleson, Andrew; Aydin, Elif Esra. Journal of Architectural Engineering Vol. 26, Issue 1 (March 2020) (Published online: December 07, 2019). https://doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)AE.1943-5568.0000387
  • “A Comparison Study of Simulation-Based Prediction Tools for Air Temperature and Outdoor Thermal Comfort in a Tropical Climate”. Aydin, Elif Esra; Jakubiec, J. Alstan; Jusuf, Steve Kardinal. BS19-Building Simulation, IBPSA 2019, Rome-Italy, September 2019, Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019: 16th Conference of IBPSA (ISBN: 978-1-7750520-1-2)
  • “Sensitivity Analysis of Sustainable Urban Design Parameters based on Thermal Comfort, Urban Heat Island, Energy and Daylight in Singapore”. Aydin, Elif Esra; Jakubiec, J. Alstan. BSO18-Building Simulation and Optimization 2018, Cambridge-United Kingdom, September 2018
  • “A Comparison Between Building Energy Simulation and Measurement Results for a Municipality Building”. Aydin, Elif Esra; Odaman-Kaya, Hande; Kahraman, İlker. CESB16-Central Europe towards Sustainable Building, Prague-Czech Republic, June 2016
  • “Effects of Optimizing the Shading Device Orientation to Energy Consumption in Office Buildings”. Aydin, Elif Esra; Odaman-Kaya, Hande; Kahraman, İlker. Clima 2016- REHVA 12th World Congress, Aalborg-Denmark, May 2016
  • “Optimisation of energy consumption and daylighting using building performance surrogate model”. Aydin, Elif Esra; Dursun, Onur; Chatzikonstantinou, Ioannis; and Ekici, Berk. ASA 2015-Living and Learning: Research for a Better Built Environment: 49th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association 2015, Melbourne-Australia, December 2015


  • 2017 – Present: Singapore International Graduate Student’s Award (SINGA) for fulltime studentship for PhD SUTD – Singapore
  • 2014 – 2017: Yasar University Education Scholarship (100%) for master’s degree (MSc) – Turkey
  • 2014: The Best Honored Degree of Architecture Department Year 2014 (BArch), Yasar University – Turkey
  • 2010 – 2014: Yasar University Education Scholarship (100%) for bachelor’s degree (BArch) – Turkey
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