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Telephone: +65 6876 4487
Pillar / Cluster: Architecture and Sustainable Design
Research Areas: Computation, Sustainable Design Science, Architectural Design


Zheng Kai is a Lecturer in the Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. He obtained his Doctoral and Bachelor’s degree with 2nd Upper Honors from the National University of Singapore. His work investigates how evaporative cooling can be deployed in building design to achieve Thermal Comfort for the Tropics and his interests also lie in how architectural energy systems can work in synergy. Other works also include pandemic resilient architecture and systems to improve Building Wellness and health. He is a BCA Green Mark Accredited Professional (AP), and also, a WELL Building Standard Accredited Professional (AP).


  • 2019 PhD, Building Science, National University of Singapore
  • 2015 B.Sc (Project & Facilities Management), National University of Singapore

Research Interest

  • Building Performance
  • Architectural Energy Systems
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Building Envelopes
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Building Wellness and Health


  • Zheng, K., Ortner, P., Tay, J., & Lim, Y. (2021). Ventilation in worker dormitories and its impact on the spread of respiratory droplets. Sustainable Cities and Society, 103327.
  • Zheng, K., Ichinose, M., & Wong, N. (2018). Parametric study on the cooling effects from dry mists in a controlled environment. Building and Environment, 141, 61-70.
  • Zheng, K., Wong, N., Yuan, C., & Cen, C. (2019). Dry Mist Systems and its impact on Thermal Comfort for the Tropics. Sustainable Cities and Society, 51, 101727
  • Zheng, K., & Wong, N. (2018). Impact of Inlet Water Temperature on Cooling from Misting Fans. International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (pp. 25-30). Hong Kong, China: The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Zheng, K., & Wong, N. (2019). Dry Mist Systems and its impact on Thermal Comfort for the Tropics. International Conference on Comfort at the Extremes (pp. 543-563). Dubai: Ecohouse Initiative Ltd.
  • Yuan, C., Zheng, K., Ayu Sukma, A., Tan, C., & Wong, N. (2018). Two-Phases Evaporative Cooling for Better Outdoor Thermal Comfort in High-Density Tropical Cities. International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (pp. 329-334). Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Ichinose, M., Shirai, M., Kumakura, E., Wong, N., Tan, C., & Zheng, K. (2019). The effects of Misting Fans on Thermal Comfort in an Outdoor Space in Singapore. International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Islands. Hyderabad, India: MDPI.

Courses Taught

Media Mentions

  • Interview for Channel News Asia (CNA) Documentary (Jan 2022) - Talking Point
  • Interview for secondhand smoke in homes for CNA article (Jan 2022)
  • Interview for Channel News Asia (CNA) Documentary - Why It Matters (Jan 2022)
  • Faculty Lead for CNY Light-Up Show 2022 @ Chinatown (Straits Times Article)
  • Singapore Teaching and Academic Research Talent (START) award and special mention by Education Minister (Zaobao Article; MOE)
  • Letter of the Day - Building Services and its role in COVID-19 (Straits Times Forum)
  • Faculty Advisor for CNY Light-Up Show 2021 (Straits Times Article)
  • CNA Interview on COVID-19 transmission, for Singapore Tonight, 3 Sept 2021 (Interview)
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