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Associate Professor & Associate Head of Pillar (Research/Practice/Industry)

Telephone: +65 6303 6673
Pillar / Cluster: Architecture and Sustainable Design
Research Areas: Architectural History, Theory and Criticism, Architectural Conservation, Sustainable Design Science, Architectural Information Management

Faculty Monograph

Associate Professor of Architectural History, Theory and Criticism
Architecture and Sustainable Design


Burrowing in darkened archive rooms, consulting books in libraries, directing architectural conservation work on sites and, more recently, conducting analysis in laboratories are an extension of my life. Trained as an architect and architectural historian, my research interest is primarily in the area of architectural conservation. I am fortunate to have been involved in the restoration of some of Singapore’s religious and institutional buildings and awarded the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation in 2010 and 2014 for the effort. One of the things that I relish about my work is the opportunity to get to know our built landscapes better but I believe that everyone can too. Do not look at architecture. See architecture.

Education Background


  • PhD Architecture, National University of Singapore
  • MArch, National University of Singapore
  • BA Architectural Studies, National University of Singapore

Career Professorship

  • Hokkien Foundation Career Professor in Architectural Conservation, Singapore University of Technology and Design (2014 to 2018 – inaugural)


  • Visiting Researcher, History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art, Department of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2011/2012)
  • Visiting Scholar, Department of Architecture, Tsinghua University (2005)
  • Visiting Guest Scholar, Architectural Theory/Design Knowledge Systems Research Centre (DKS), Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology (2004)

Professional Associations & Affiliations

Research Interests

  • Architecture and Sustainable Design and Practice
  • Historical, Theoretical and Critical Approaches to Architectural Design
  • Architectural Conservation and Digitization
  • Architectural Theory

Research Projects

Ongoing Research Projects

Selected Completed Projects

  • Full Restoration and Conservation of Yueh Hai Ching Temple (Wak Hai Cheng Beo) (2011 – 2014)
  • Conservation investigation of moisture ingress and related degradation issues in St Andrew’s Cathedral (2010)
  • Architectural paint layers research in ten historic buildings of Singapore (2008 – 2009)
  • Condition of stained, leaded and coloured glass in twelve historic buildings of Singapore (2008 –2009)
  • Fort Serapong Archaeological Project, Sentosa (2005 – 2006)
    This project examines the extant conservation condition and architecture history (built archaeology) of military fortifications.
  • Palmer Road Foot Tet Soo Khek Temple Archaeological Research Project (2005)
  • Architecture history and theory – “Rationale of the Intangible – A cognitive reading of spatial conception in The Story of the Stone” (2002 – 2006)
    This PhD research examines the conception of space in the Chinese context during the late imperial Chinese period.

Research Opportunities & Collaborations

Enquiries for research and postdoctoral fellow, research assistant as well as student research assistant openings are welcomed. Please email me with a copy of your CV.

Interdisciplinary collaborative research projects are welcomed.

Awards & Achievements

  • 2018 National Day Awards: The Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian)
  • Ngee Ann Kongsi’s Yueh Hai Ching Temple (Wak Hai Cheng Bio) Restoration Project – Selected Awards:
  • National Architecture Institute of China’s (NAIC) 中国民族建筑研究会 Vernacular Architecture Award 中国民族优秀建筑奖 2013
  • Red Dot Award – Winner of Design Concept 2011 (Protection) – Omni-Guard
  • 2010 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation – Award of Excellence – Singapore Lam Ann Association’s Hong San See Temple Restoration Project
  • 2009 Public Service 21 (PS21) Star Service Award, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts for outstanding service
  • National University of Singapore Research Scholarship 2002 – 2005
  • Yuhu Elementary School Expansion Project – Selected Awards:
    • 2005 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation – Inaugural Heritage Awards Jury Commendation for Innovation
    • The Architecture Review plus Design Award for Emerging Architecture, ar+d 2005 – Highly Commended Award
    • The Environmental Design Research Association and Places (edra/Places) 7th Annual Award – Best Design 2003
  • The TSAO NG YU SHUN Award for Excellence in Ageing Study, 1999 for BA(AS) Final Project Awarded by TSAO Foundation (Singapore) & School of Architecture, National University of Singapore

Selected Publications

Selected Books & Book Chapters

  • Yeo Kang Shua, Divine Custody: A History of Singapore’s Oldest Teochew Temple, Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, August 2021. ISBN: 9789813251441.
  • 楊茳善,《粵海清廟:建築與歷史的對話》,新加坡:新加坡科技設計大學建築與可持續系,2020. ISBN: 9789811432187.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, “Cultural Heritage Conservation and the Planet”, in William Chapman, ed., Asia Conserved III – Lessons Learned from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation (2010 – 2014), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Southeast University Press, October 2019, pp. 18 – 23. ISBN: 9787564181253.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, “Hong San See Temple, Singapore – Technical Brief: Community Fundraising Efforts”, in William Chapman, ed., Asia Conserved III – Lessons Learned from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation (2010 – 2014), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Southeast University Press, October 2019, pp. 52 – 59. ISBN: 9787564181253.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, “Wak Hai Cheng Bio, Singapore – Technical Brief: Use of Analytical Tools in Condition Assessment”, in William Chapman, ed., Asia Conserved III – Lessons Learned from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation (2010 – 2014), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Southeast University Press, October 2019, pp. 278 – 283. ISBN: 9787564181253.
  • Noelle Q. de Jesus, Find Your Place in History: City Centre – Architecture lost and found, Ethos Books, 2019. ISBN: 9789811406003 (e-book). Note: This e-book was written with materials drawn from Yeo Kang Shua. “Thian Hock Keng: A History of its Architectural Development and Geographical Siting”. In The Pearl of South China Sea: Thian Hock Keng, 322–341. Singapore: Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, 2010. ISBN: 9789810854201.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, “Singapore is going to be beautiful: Transformation and conservation of Dakota” in Ng Kok Hoe (ed.), They Told us to Move: Dakota – Cassia, Singapore: Ethos Books, February 2019, pp. 182 – 194. ISBN 9789811400414.
  • 杨茳善 (编著), 《建筑集》,新加坡莲山双林禅寺一百二十周年文集,新加坡:新加坡莲山双林禅寺,2018. ISBN: 9789811197079.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, “Draining Dry?”, in Darren Soh, Before It All Goes: Architecture from Singapore’s Early Independence Years, Singapore: Darren Soh, 2018, pp. 155 – 159. ISBN: 9789811182747.
  • 杨茳善, “同济医院建筑沿革史” in 《同济医院150周年文集》2017. pp. 262 – 281. ISBN: 9789811139444.
  • Foo Su Ling, Lim Chen Siang, Wee Sheau Theng & Yeo Kang Shua, NUS Baba House – Architecture and Artefacts of a Straits Chinese House, Singapore: Edition Didier Millet, 2016. ISBN: 9789814385626.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, “Innovative Cement Derivative Products in the Old Supreme Court Building – Novel Building Construction Technologies of its Time” in Pauline Ang, The Making of National Gallery Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, 2015. ISBN: 9789810973438.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, Lawrence Chin and Claire Lim, “Bringing into the open: the study and use of architectural paint research information within the context of Singapore” in Faulding, Rachel & Thomas, Sue (eds.), Architectural Paint Research: Sharing information, sharing decisions, Archetype Publications, 2014.
  • 杨茳善, “天福宫地理及建筑沿革史” [A Development History of the Geographical Siting and Architecture of Thian Hock Keng, Singapore] in 杜南发 (编著), 《南海明珠: 天福宫》, 新加坡福建会馆 [Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan], May 2010. ISBN: 9789810854201.
  • 杨茳善, “新加坡古迹保存的历程” [A History of Singapore’s Architectural Conservation] in 刘阿荣 (编著) ,《多元文化与公民社会》, 台湾:揚智 (Taiwan: Yangzhi), Jul 2009. ISBN: 9789578189188.
  • 杨茳善、李晓东(Li Xiaodong), 《中国空间》 Chinese Conception of Space, 中国建筑工业出版社 (China Architecture & Building Press), Aug 2007. ISBN: 9787112091928.
  • Yeo Kang Shua, “Preliminary Observations of Foot Tet Soo Khek Temple: Case for Conservation and Preservation” in Ho Phang Phow (ed.), The Living Heritage: Stories of Fook Tet Soo KhekTemple, Singapore: Char Yong (Dabu) Association and Fook Tet Soo Khek Temple, 2006, pp. 30 – 64. ISBN: 9789810552904.

Selected Journal Papers

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