NUS-SUTD Debates 2017 Winners

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NUS-SUTD Debates 2017 Winners 2017-07-18T18:01:20+00:00

We would like to congratulate our debate team, comprising SamanthaLaurenne (ASD Junior) and Prof Kenneth Tracy, for winning The Architecture Society Debates 2017 vs NUS Debates. Congratulations to Samantha for also clinching the best speaker award. Great points were brought up by both sides, which allowed for an interesting discourse about the notion!

Debate Motion
“Architectural Competitions are a waste of time and resources.”

Proposition Team (NUS)
Mr Raymond Hoe – Director, Scott Brownrigg and Studio Master, NUS
Lee Han Jie – NUS BA(Arch) Year 4
Wong Kee Zhang – NUS BA(Arch) Year 4

Opposition Team (SUTD)
Mr Kenneth Tracy – Assistant Professor, SUTD
Laurenne Soo Kai Leng – SUTD BSc (Architecture and Sustainable Design) Year 3
Samantha Lim Shou En – SUTD BSc (Architecture and Sustainable Design) Year 3

Best Speaker Judging Panel
Mr Fong Hoo Cheong – Founder and Principal Architect, HCF and Associates
Mr Teo Yee Chin – Principal Architect, Red Bean Architects
Third judge was announced on the event day.