Chandelion: Chanel x AirLab SUTD for Circularity

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Chandelion: Chanel x AirLab SUTD for Circularity2022-04-29T19:21:51+08:00

The Chandelion is a lighweight, elegant structure of reclaimed iconic perfume bottles forming a delicate spherical body. The peaceful dandelions inspire the calming and mathematical geodesic geometry of a 3D polar array. The project’s ultimate ethos is to extend the life cycle of ordinary commodities, turning them into beautiful art pieces by introducing digital technologies in design and manufacturing, such as 3D printing.

The project makes sustainability its core priority from conception to final execution. The bottles come from waste streams, while the plastic connectors are made with PLA, a biopolymer made from renewable corn sources. In addition, the connection bars are manufactured from recycled aluminum.

Credits: AirLab (Architectural Intelligence Lab) and Chanel