Tectonic Intersection 2018 Symposium

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Tectonic Intersection 2018 Symposium 2018-01-30T15:32:31+00:00

Lines and edges: intersecting elements … joint tectonics, from post and beams to threads
Planes: intersecting planes … fabric tectonics, from platforms and frames to textiles
Shadows: intersecting volumes … porous tectonics, from intersecting spaces to permeable matter

The symposium will discuss intersections in current design and fabrication process from two angles: firstly, the angle of material exploration and formal innovation through the means of contemporary design and fabrication. And secondly, the understanding of vernacular building techniques and their transformation for contemporary situations. One focus will be on wood and other renewable materials, but we encourage a discourse on how we can combine them in new ways and rethink the use and functions of fibres and other materials presented in vernacular situations, to enhance the performance in hybrid material compositions.

Tentative Programme

14.00 Introduction by Michael Budig

14.10 Lecture 1 – Mohammad Cahyo Novianto
14.35 Lecture 2 – Pandin Ounchanum

Short break

15.15 Lecture 3 – Teoh Chee Keong
15.40 Lecture 4 – Lai Chee Kien