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Hiroshi Naito: Body & Soul of Architecture2019-10-29T10:02:30+00:00

“For me, I always think there are Body and Soul in architecture. Body is a container for hardware and Soul is a space created in it. Body changes depending on the climate and the technology used in the place where the architecture is born. How the shape appears depends on the conditions. The important thing is Soul. The Soul must contain the most important thing in the architecture, the one that underlies the culture of the country. I believe this will not change.

I am interested in what kind of architecture is Soul in the space flowing there. This is hard to see and understand even from the cleverly photographed photos of the site. You just can’t feel immersed in that space.

So what is the most important thing? I hope to talk with you about the kind of Soul in Japan as well as in Singapore.”

– Hiroshi Naito

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