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ASD studio exhibition at SUTD Library2019-06-06T09:52:56+00:00

Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar presents two exhibitions: Sustainable Design Option Studio – sustainable design: 140 projects; and Architecture Core Studio 2 – the digital archive.

The digital archive by Architecture Core Studio 2 explores data storage problem of any sort that will be required for archival and future
access. Virtual Reality is introduced as a design and production tool which students used to translate spatial, material, programmatic and representational ideas into a comprehensive and powerful architectural proposal.

Sustainable design: 140 projects by Sustainable Design Option Studio explores the multi-dimensional issues of sustainable design through a variety of lenses and at diverse temporal and spatial scales. The exhibition is organised into topics of healthcare, aviation, sustainability, community and cities with sub-topics in landscape urbanism, social architecture, history and culture

Course lead:
Eva Castro
Course lead:
Erwin Viray
VR/AR workshops:
Jacob Chen.Song
Young Bin
Yi Jun Ng
Studio instructors:
Asami Takahashi
& Alex Sun
Carlos Banon
Chong Keng Hua
Eva Castro &
Federico Ruberto
Felix Raspall &
Sebastian Linsin
Ng San Son
Philipp Urech
Rene Tan
Shirla Tse
Tan Szue Hann
Digital Humanities:
Federico Ruberto
Studios instructors:
Christine Yogiaman
Jason Lim
Jane Chua
Deniz Manisali


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