The way space is experienced is no longer the same. Amid changing realities and uncertain futures, arrive at the multiplicity on a mission. Within its far-flung alleys of architectural exploration, strewn across a plane of polar extents; Current-Future, Pragmatic Speculative, lie ideas that traverse scales, typologies and materialities.

This multi-faceted metropolis teems with possibility; from everyday artefacts to metaphysical musings. Perhaps by peering into the snippets of architecture, you will find your answers.

Congratulations to our 2020 SUTD Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar BSc (ASD) and MArch graduates ! 

We are in extraordinary times, pushing us to the precipice of uncertainty. United and brought together by distinct spirit of collaboration and camaraderie in SUTD, we could surmount the challenges and find answers on what is – now and what is possible in the new.

This graduation show – “Multiplicity” show ASD students in their B.Sc(ASD) and M.Arch projects: their architectural learning journey in SUTD, how they have found paths to confront the challenge of the now, working together with their friends and with the faculty on probing how architecture can help make a better world through innovation and technology. “Multiplicity” is an expression of how the students feel and respond to the pressing questions on how to make a relevant contribution to a sustainable life. The works raise interesting questions about how from this turbulence we are in, may impart order so that we can sustain, stay resilient, and improve society. The mixed reality exhibition opens diverse possibilities on how some of our students have integrated architectural intelligence though technology to enable more responsive and more adaptive behaviour in our architectural actions to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our resilience.

 “Multiplicity” provides inspiration on the good we can do, to transform the challenges of COVID-19 into opportunities, become better, to make Architecture+(plus) !

– Erwin Viray, Head of Pillar of Architecture and Sustainable Design, SUTD


Benjamin Chong


Naomi Bachtiar


Heong Kheng Boon, Rachael Lau

Physical + AR Exhibition

Simon Rocknathan, Teo Shao Tian, Emir Hamzah


May Thinzar Lin


Benedict Tan, Nabilah Rohaizad


Naomi Wong

Director: Benjamin Chong

Co-Director: Naomi Bachtiar

Curation: Heong Kheng Boon, Rachael Lau

Physical + AR Exhibition: Simon Rocknathan, Teo Shao Tian, Emir Hamzah

Publicity: May Thinzar Lin

Website: Benedict Tan, Nabilah Rohaizad

Finance: Naomi Wong

Visit our M.Arch Gradshow 2020 here

Architecture & Sustainable Design, SUTD