Masters of Architecture
Year of 2021
Graduation Show

This year, we welcome you to

Sustainable Futures

SUTD M.Arch Final Exhibition Review
17 December 2021

Opening Address
Dialogue by
Tai Lee Siang, HOP SUTD ASD
Peter Ortner, MArch Coordinator SUTD ASD
Social Innovation
Dialogue and Jury 3pm
Ursula Hartig, Cocoon Studio
Daliana Suryawinata, FCL, SHAU
Belinda Huang, ARC Studio
Future Manufacturing
Dialogue and Jury 4pm
Henriette Bier, TU Delft
David Correa, LLLab, Waterloo University
Leanne Zilka, RMIT
Design Computation
Dialogue and Jury 5pm
Michael Hensel, TU Vienna, OCEAN
Philip Yuan, Tongji University
Sayjel Patel, Digital Blue Foam
Research Innovation
Dialogue and Jury 3pm
Stefano Capranico, UN Studio
Victoria Marshall, NUS
Khoo Peng Beng, ARC Studio
Sustainable Environments
Dialogue and Jury 4pm
John Hong, SNU, Project:Architecture
Siew Man Kok, MKPL
Sascha Glasl, space&matter
Awards Ceremony
Alumni Reviews
Dialogue and Jury with:
Terence Chew (MArch '16)
Clifford Kosasih (MArch '16)
Amanda Mak (MArch '16)
Mak Ying Huey (MArch 2017)
Nabila Larasati (MArch '19)
Chia Sheng Wei (MArch '20)
Michelle Gouw (MArch '20)
Ng Wen Qi (MArch '20)
Poon Weng Shern (MArch '20)
Ian Soon (MArch '20)
Tan Ying Yi (PhD '21)
Tai Lee Siang
Head of Pillar
Architecture and Sustainable Design

Message From the Head of Pillar

The issue of sustainability is reaching a level of crisis that requires increased level of discourse and solutions. While politicians and government leadership struggle to reach consensus on targets, industry is now facing existential crisis due to current pandemic. Institutes of higher learning are now well placed to fill the gaps on research, development and implementable solutions.

Architecture and Sustainable Design ASD continues its tradition of freedom of research and novelty of new sustainable solutions. The class of 2021 demonstrated tenacity and robustness in their works. I hope that industry will find resonance in their works not just for their capabilities but also for the quality of their solutions. It is desirous that ASD blur the lines between academic studies and industrial practice.

Over the intensive period of thesis project, students explored key themes such as urbanism, health & wellbeing, construction technologies and climate change. I encourage students not to end your research on these themes and continue to pursue life-long understanding and learning on your specific areas of interest. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Asst. Prof. Peter Ortner
SUTD M.Arch Programme

Introduction To M.Arch 2021

SUSTAINABLE FUTURES is the theme of the 2021 SUTD Master of Architecture final exhibition review. Sustainability requires our renewed attention in a time of climate change and pandemic. In 2021, SUTD is announcing its first sustainability plan and Singapore is launching a transformative Green Plan. Growing international momentum for action on sustainability has been punctuated by the COP26 climate change conference and the ‘code red’ raised by in the IPCC’s sixth assessment report.

Envisioning sustainable futures is a task our SUTD MArch students are prepared for as designers, critical thinkers and as citizens. Our students are empowered by a self-motivated and research-intensive approach to the MArch. Their research topics germinate over a structured internship, develop into problem statements during thesis preparation term, and are articulated as designs in the thesis term. As you will see in these pages, our students combine expansive architectural design capabilities with the critical mindset and ability to test their claims by gathering, generating, understanding, and communicating data.

In 2021 our MArch students engaged sustainability early on in their thesis preparation: we hosted a master class and lecture on Sustainability over the summer of 2021 with John Hong, Professor at Seoul National University, and Director of Project: Architecture. The masterclass followed upon seminar discussions on the writings of William McDonough, Ian McHarg, and Buckminster Fuller and other visionaries that connected the worlds of architecture, design, and sustainability. While not all explicitly tackle sustainability, each student has joined these discussions and developed their unique thesis projects in the context of the theme.

We welcome you to browse student projects through our "Explore Page", which tracks all student projects by the Sustainable Development Goals they have addressed and permits broader exploration of the diverse projects by topic, scale, location, and faculty mentor. A "Projects Page" will allow you to see a full list of our students’ projects.

Please also visit our "SUTD MArch Overview" to learn more about our programme.

We hope that you will enjoy the projects and that we can recruit your support for our next generation of architects as they make their own pathways to creating a better and more sustainable world by design.

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Assistant Professor
Coordinator - ASD M.Arch & PhD
Ahmed Meeran
Web Team Head
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