Import, Format and Plot Stress/Strain Data

In this tutorial we will import the comma separated value (*.cvs) spread sheets produced by the Instron tensile testing machine, namely force and elongation, and we will convert and plot a stress/strain graph in Rhino.



Performing the aforementioned tasks will (re)introduce the following key techniques which are more broadly applicable to various other operations:

  1. The standard operating procedure of importing/exporting data from Grasshopper.
  2. Reading text files from the local machine (obtaining files in a folder and reading all text)
  3. Parsing text information to extract numerical values (csv lines to point coordinates)
  4. Linear mapping of signals (force/elongation to stress/strain)
  5. Computing the maximum value of a series (to find the ultimate tensile strength)
  6. Creating annotations and exporting them into Grasshopper
  7. Placing geometry into Rhino’s active document (custom backing into layers)