Produce G-Code for Profiling

In this tutorial we will produce machine code, also known as g-code, for 3-axis CNC milling. In particular we will import an already drawn polygonal curve and convert the point data into machine motion instructions. This type of almost 2D operation is similar to laser cutting and it is known as profiling.

Import, Format and Plot Stress/Strain Data

In this tutorial we will import the comma separated value (*.cvs) spread sheets produced by the Instron tensile testing machine, namely force and elongation, and we will convert and plot a stress/strain graph in Rhino.

Particle Spring Simulation Tutorial

A tutorial for the course Digital World 2015 demonstrating a bare simple particle spring simulation for Processing/Python. To run the code below, download Processing and install the Python editing mode. The tutorial contains a series of suggestions/challenges for improving this basic template.

A Geometric Inverse Kinematics Solution for the Universal Robot

This is a geometric perspective into the inverse kinematics for Universal Robots UR5 and UR10. There is something very interesting about the kinematics model of these little robots, which is rather different than our KUKA and ABB systems. It is possible to solve the inverse kinematics with pure constructive straight-edge and compass geometry.