Numerical Computing: Root Finding

The objective of this post is to introduce fundamental concepts of numerical computing for design applications. In this post we will focus on root-finding ie. intersection type of problems. The tutorial was part of the Advanced Topics in Digital Design and Fabrication 2016 and Digital Design and Fabrication 2020. This is an updated version for junior students ie. less math heavy and more descriptive, with Python as the programming language.

Particle Simulation

The objective of this tutorial is to develop a simple physics engine which can simulate dimensionless bodies. The physics knowledge required for this is actually high-school level and the aim is to practice on python programming. The computational concepts emphasized here pertain symbolic modeling of entities, such as particles and forces, which are already familiar. Advanced topics regarding simulation will be hinted about but not covered extensively.

Robot and Device Interfacing

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce some basic concepts for interfacing between robotics and external electromechical systems. This is an introductory tutorial rather than in depth or comprehensive introduction. Working with electronics and machinery can be dangerous! Be very always careful and tidy, shorting wires may cause havoc including shocks, injuries and damages to equipment. Do not follow along unless you have been through health and safety training.

RhinoCAM Curve Cutting with Profiling

The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate the process of profile cutting using RhinoCAM. Unlike engraving where the machine path coincides with the tool center point, in profiling the machine tool is offset from the geometry by the radius of the tool. This is useful for cutting exact part outlines. In addition, this post shows how to setup multi-layer cutting which is especially important for hard material. Click the first picture to view the steps as a slideshow.

RhinoCAM Curve Cutting with Engraving

The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate the process of curve cutting also known as engraving for CNC machining using RhinoCAM. This is a slideshow presentation of the steps from curve loading to machine code generation.

RhinoCAM Surface Milling with Parallel Finishing

The objective of the tutorial is to demonstrate the process of setting up a surface milling operation using the RhinoCAM software. The machining procedure used here is call parallel finishing. Click on an image to view this tutorial as a slide show.

Shopbot Machine Code and Visualization

The objective of this tutorial is to present the process of machine code generation for the Shopbot router and to demonstrate how to visualize the path using basic animation techniques.

Non-Motion Related Robot Operations

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce a series of non-motion related operations that can be used in conjunction with robot pathing. As they are rather simple they will presented in rapid succession.

Live Connection to the ABB Robot

The objective of this tutorial is to present the procedure for connecting to the service port of the ABB controller and polling the robot configuration real time. This is a unique feature of Jeneratiff that bring the physical world into the digital, simplifies calibration and development.