Introduction to Design 2012

Course Description

The SUTD freshmore course, Introduction to Design, introduces participants to concepts of design at a variety of scales and through both engineering and architectural design disciplines. Participants will be exposed to core technology and design themes including principles, design processes, modes of thinking and analysis, and social and cultural aspects of design. The subject introduces essential skills and mindset of innovation, entrepreneurship, and methodologies in design including teamwork and workflow organization, team building and leadership, written and oral communication, graphic and analytical representation, fabrication techniques, and a variety of computational techniques. Student teams formulate and complete design projects, setting and achieving milestones under a team of instructors composed of both engineers and architects; projects will be defined in connection with applications in outreach, transportation, the built environment, energy, infrastructure and others.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply fundamental principles in the design of an engineered product and built environment.
  • Identify and apply the basics of the design process in a variety of contexts, following diverse performance functions.
  • Contribute as a member/leader of a product design team comprised of 4-8 students.
  • Communicate written and oral analysis plus information about the design process for the team project.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Explain, describe, and apply basic concepts of design in engineering and in architectural systems.
  • Propose and analyze designs (concepts, components, operational systems).
  • Frame and resolve ill-defined technical problems and performance requirements.
  • Create and follow project timelines and schedules.
  • Explain and demonstrate processes/procedures/behaviors of effective teams, team membership and team leading.
  • Conduct, as a team, the design of engineering component or device and elements of the built environment.
  • Communicate orally and graphically the progress and the technical results of a design project.
  • Communicate in written form (e.g. a technical report) the results of a design project.


Kris Wood and Thomas Schroepfer

  1. Katja Holtta-Otto, Stylianos Dritsas, Diana Moreno
  2. Chen Lujie, Erik Wilhelm, Faye Wu
  3. Foong Shaohui, Zhou Changjiu, Sevtsuk Andres, Erik Wilhelm
  4. Gim Song Soh, Sawako Kaijima, Faye Wu
  5. Sosa Ricardo, Yeo Kang Shua,Diana Moreno
  6. Mohan Rajesh Elara, Zhou Changjiu, Thomas Wortmann
  7. Suranga Chandima, Cody Karmin