2020Master of Architecture
2020Digital Design and Fabrication
2020Sustainable Options Studio
2020Digital Biomimetics
2019Master of Architecture
2019Digital Design and Fabrication
2019Digital Biomimetics
2018Master of Architecture
2018Digital Design and Fabrication
2018Advanced Topics in Digital Design and Fabrication
2017Master of Architecture
2017Digital Design and Fabrication
2017Sustainable Options Studio
2016Master of Architecture
2016Digital Design and Fabrication
2016Advanced Topics in Digital Design and Fabrication
2015Building Information Modeling
2015Digital Design and Fabrication
2014Building Information Modeling
2014Digital Design and Fabrication
2013Introduction to Design
2012Introduction to Design


2017Seoul Biennale Workshop
2017Open House Workshop
2017URA Workshop
2016Open House Workshop
2015Open House Workshop
2015Digital World Lecture / Tutorial
2014Chinese New Year Street Decorations
2014Open House Workshop
2013Smart Geometry Workshop
2012Open House Workshop

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

2016Robotic Clay Sculpting
2015Creativity with Robotics
2013The Documentation of the Bukit Brown Cemetery
2012Heritage Buildings and Digital Tectonic