Communicating with ABB IRC5 Controllers

The objective of this tutorial is to setup your computer for establishing communications with the ABB Robot with Controller IRC5. Prior or later versions have not been tested. After setting up your network settings you will be able to access the file system through a file transfer protocol (FTP) client (such as FileZilla) and connect directly to the robot using the Jeneratiff library.

Physical Connection

The controller has an Ethernet service port (typically named X2) through which communications are performed with external PCs. Plug the network cable to the port on the controller and your PC’s Ethernet port (native or via USB).

Ethernet Settings

Either through the Control Panel, the Network and Sharing Center or the Windows Explorer go to the Network Connections panel as seen below. If the Ethernet card is not present (there is not physical device) use a USB to Ethernet adapter. If the cable is unplugged the connection will be crossed as seen below. Make sure you don’t modify the Wi-Fi as this will mess up your wireless network and access to the Internet.

After plugging the cable and the green light turns on double click the Ethernet connection icon and the dialog seen below will appear. You can deselect most of the advanced services but make sure the Internet Protocol Version 4 is enabled. Next double click the IPv4 item as seen highlighted below.

Now the Internet Protocol settings will appear as seen below. We will use a static IP address to identify your computer. You can choose any within the range of to but for simplicity sake use the one as seen below. Note that is the robot address so you better not collide with it. Make the netmask as seen below and click OK.

You should now be able to connect to the robot controller using and FTP client via with port number 21, username:”Student” and password:”Secret”