RhinoCAM Curve Cutting with Profiling

The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate the process of profile cutting using RhinoCAM. Unlike engraving where the machine path coincides with the tool center point, in profiling the machine tool is offset from the geometry by the radius of the tool. This is useful for cutting exact part outlines. In addition, this post shows how to setup multi-layer cutting which is especially important for hard material. Click the first picture to view the steps as a slideshow.

RhinoCAM Curve Cutting with Engraving

The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate the process of curve cutting also known as engraving for CNC machining using RhinoCAM. This is a slideshow presentation of the steps from curve loading to machine code generation.

RhinoCAM Surface Milling with Parallel Finishing

The objective of the tutorial is to demonstrate the process of setting up a surface milling operation using the RhinoCAM software. The machining procedure used here is call parallel finishing. Click on an image to view this tutorial as a slide show.

Shopbot Machine Code and Visualization

The objective of this tutorial is to present the process of machine code generation for the Shopbot router and to demonstrate how to visualize the path using basic animation techniques.

Produce Shopbot Code from Grasshopper

The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate the process of generating machine paths and machine code for the Shopbot Desktop router using simple geometric and text operations in Grasshopper. This is an adaptation of last year’s tutorial on generating G-Code for other CNC machines. The approach of this tutorial will be based on graph nodes rather than C#.

Instructions for using the Shopbot CNC Router

The objective of this tutorial is to ensure you are able to operate the Shopbot CNC router. Shopbot is one of the simplest CNC machines to setup and run but nevertheless it is paramount take a few key points in consideration with regards to safety. The information provided below is in support of our in-class training sessions. They do not substit ute proper hands-on training with an experienced operator. They are neither complete nor exhaustive but offer some typical use case precautions. If you have not gone through formal training do not attempt to follow the instructions below on your own.  

Visualize/Animate G-Code Path

This is a short tutorial on producing animated visualizations for the machine path generated for profiling. You can check virtually the machine tool motion and potentially catch some, but certainly not all, geometric mistakes before running the machine on actual material. The process presented here is very general and it can be used for all sort of animations with Grasshopper.

Produce G-Code for Profiling

In this tutorial we will produce machine code, also known as g-code, for 3-axis CNC milling. In particular we will import an already drawn polygonal curve and convert the point data into machine motion instructions. This type of almost 2D operation is similar to laser cutting and it is known as profiling.