Contour a Massing Model

This tutorial presents a process of contouring solid models to extract 2D profiles. This is often useful for such applications as computing building metrics such as internal/external areas as well as various prototyping methods such as mold making and building complex shapes from laser cut contours.

Build a Two Part Mold

In this tutorial we will build a two part mold of a high-rise building massing model for casting. The key point of interest is performing Brep/Solid Boolean operations, unions, subtraction, splitting, using programming, to create complex solid models.

Produce G-Code for a Height Field

In this tutorial we will produce machine code for milling a height field surface using parallel style machining. A height-field is a special kind of surface where all points are on a regular xy-grid and only the z-coordinate is varying. Machining such surfaces is rather simple and instructive.

Import, Format and Plot Stress/Strain Data

In this tutorial we will import the comma separated value (*.cvs) spread sheets produced by the Instron tensile testing machine, namely force and elongation, and we will convert and plot a stress/strain graph in Rhino.

Particle Spring Simulation Tutorial

A tutorial for the course Digital World 2015 demonstrating a bare simple particle spring simulation for Processing/Python. To run the code below, download Processing and install the Python editing mode. The tutorial contains a series of suggestions/challenges for improving this basic template.