Yueh Hai Ching Temple Restoration, 2011 – 2014

The temple is built in the typology of Chaozhou (Teochew) traditional Chinese architectural style. The temple covers an approximate area of 695 sq m and is housed within a walled compound fronted by a main entrance gate leading to a spacious forecourt. The temple houses two separate shrines. Each of the two shrines has their own entrance. The edifice on the left (note: direction is oriented with the principle deities’ view) houses the shrine of Xuan Tian Shang Di, the patron deity of the Teochews, while the other edifice is home to the shrine of Tian Hou, Mother of Heavenly Sages, who is worshipped as the Goddess of the Sea by the southern sea-faring Chinese communities. The two-storey rear hall once housed the Ngee Ann Kongsi’s administration and is now the living quarters of the temple caretaker and storeroom.

The temple recently undergone full scale restoration, 2011 – 2014 with Dr Yeo heading the conservation project team.

The Yueh Hai Ching temple (Wak Hai Cheng Bio), started in 1826 by the Teochew community in Singapore, has won a Unesco Heritage Award for the quality of its makeover. We speak to the key players of the restoration project to find out more a project which took five years and 7.5 million Singapore dollars to finish.