28 December 2016 - The Straits Times: Looking forward to 2017: Heritage – Building momentum in efforts to protect local history

16 December 2016 - The Straits Times: Old bottling factory may be conserved, say URA

15 December 2016 - The Straits Times: Former National Aerated Water Company building could be conserved: URA

11 December 2016 -联合早报:保留建筑民间呼声影响决策?

28 November 2016 -联合晚报:百年古刹‘修’行之路 莲山双林寺新气象

17 November 2016 - The Straits Times: Caring for a 154-year-old matriarch: St Andrew’s Cathedral faced unique challenges during its restoration and expansion

18 October 2016 -联合早报:林仁余:古厝的恍惚

16 October 2016 -联合早报:韩咏梅:文化回溯与现代精神 ――湘灵两场演出的启示

16 October 2016 -联合早报:赵慕媛:御前清客混渔樵

7 October 2016 -联合早报:新科大明清古建筑 今起上演古雅南音

1 October 2016 -联合早报:文物局资助研究本地九皇信仰文化

28 September 2016 -联合早报:五设计团队获选拟定总蓝图 裕廊湖区发展献议草案料明年出炉

27 September 2016 -联合早报:裕廊湖区发展总蓝图草案料明年第二季出炉

8 September 2016 - The Straits Times: Conserved buildings: Consult public before slicing and dicing

8 August 2016 - The Straits Times: Bt Brown gets back its 1920s gates: Cemetery’s cast-iron gates reinstalled after 6-month conservation project

1 August 2016 - The Straits Times & MyPaper: Heritage spotlight on Haw Par Villa: NHB calls tender to study and restore park’s sculptures

4 June 2016 - The Straits Times: Teochew roof, Hokkien layout: Bukit Purmei’s Tang Gah Beo temple features a mix of building styles

23 May 2016-联合早报:专家:乌敏岛诺丁海滩生态系统需10年重建

28 March 2016- The Straits Times: SGH to ‘preserve heritage features as far as possible’: Old lunatic asylum wall and nearby tombstones won’t be affected by redevelopment of hospital’s Outram campus

8 March 2016-联合早报:公园局邀业者规划裕廊湖花园中与东部园区

4 March 2016- The Straits Times: Heritage of Yunnan Garden ‘span globe’: Redevelopment by NTU must be sensitive to its Nanyang-style landscape, say experts

3 March 2016-联合早报: 为历史地标添新貌 开辟公用休闲绿地:南大计划重新发展云南园

25 February 2016- The Straits Times: Parts of heritage site Palmer House to be cleared for MRT

16 February 2016- The Straits Times: Making prison monument more visible

14 February 2016- The Straits Times (The Sunday Times): Gallery to offer year-round glimpse of Istana’s treasures (Front Page)

09 January 2016 - The Straits Times: Centre gives new life to Chinatown’s old stories

23 December 2015 - Channel NewsAsia & TODAY: Haw Par Villa to get fine dining, new museum

20 December 2015-联合早报: 全方位多视角 新加坡华人史 - 编纂意义非凡

11 November 2015 - The Straits Times: Bridges to be gazette ‘endearing landmarks’

10 November 2015 - TODAY: Rail corridor plans a good balance of greenery, development, say analysts

30 October 2015 - The Straits Times: Part of Tanjong Pagar rail terminus to make way for MRT station

30 October 2015 -TODAY: Heritage groups want current Tanjong Pagar platform preserved

15 October 2015 - The Straits Times: Why it is urgent to protect Haw Par Villa

05 October 2015 - The Straits Times: Haw Par Villa worth preserving: Operator

29 August 2015 - The Straits Times: Old Singapore Poly home may be conserved

16 August 2015 - Channel 8: 城市七巧板 City Redesign – Heritage in Progress (Episode 4)

15 August 2015 - Suria: Kota Direka Semula (City Redesign) (Episode 4)

1 August 2015 -The Straits Times: (Life): Hue’s the boss: Second storey of a Spottiswoode Park Road shophouse is Singapore’s oldest painted facade that is still intact

13 July 2015-TODAY: Gardens’ UNESCO success sparks calls for more sites to be protected

5 July 2015-The Straits Times: UNESCO title plants Singapore firmly on world map

21 June 2015-联合早报: 百年古庙历经风吹雨打 万寿山观音堂筹募百万元翻新

16 June 2015-The Straits Times: A brand new look at Civic District

3 June 2015-The Straits Times: Jurong Town Hall ‘a baby’ among national monuments

1 June 2015-Facebook Page of Lee Hsien Loong: The pagoda of 玉皇宫 (Temple of the Heavenly Jade Emperor). The temple has just been beautifully restored, and will be officially opened on National Day. It is often mistaken (including at first by me) to be part of the adjacent Thian Hock Keng temple.

17 May 2015-联合早报: 每座古庙都是文化遗产 [Reprint from 18 January 2015]

17 May 2015-联合早报: 获国际古迹遗址理事会推荐申遗 植物园拟落实五项可持续发展建议

17 May 2015-The Straits Times: Botanic Gardens’ bid to be listed as World Heritage Site – one step closer

16 May 2015-The Straits Times: Singapore Botanic Gardens recommended for World Heritage Site inscription by panel

30 April 2015-The Straits Times: No offices, mall or condo on Oxley Road site [In response to 30 April 2015 -The Straits Times: Plans for Oxley Road house to consider Mr Lee’s wishes (Joint Statement issued by URA & NHB on 29 April 2015 in response to op-ed by Terence Chong and Yeo Kang Shua)]

30 April 2015-TODAY: URA, NHB will give serious consideration to Mr Lee’s wishes on Oxley Road home [In response to 30 April 2015 -The Straits Times: Plans for Oxley Road house to consider Mr Lee’s wishes (Joint Statement issued by URA & NHB on 29 April 2015 in response to op-ed by Terence Chong and Yeo Kang Shua)]

30 April 2015-联合早报: 市建局与文物局:李光耀故居地段日后发展将不允许削弱其历史意义 [In response to 30 April 2015 -The Straits Times: Plans for Oxley Road house to consider Mr Lee’s wishes (Joint Statement issued by URA & NHB on 29 April 2015 in response to op-ed by Terence Chong and Yeo Kang Shua)]

30 April 2015-MyPaper 我报: Mr Lee’s wishes for Oxley home to be seriously considered: Govt; 如拆除欧思礼路38号故居 新发展计划不削弱其历史意义 [In response to 30 April 2015 -The Straits Times: Plans for Oxley Road house to consider Mr Lee’s wishes (Joint Statement issued by URA & NHB on 29 April 2015 in response to op-ed by Terence Chong and Yeo Kang Shua)]

29 April 2015-Channel News Asia News Clip: Lee Kuan Yew’s home unlikely to be redeveloped ‘in a way that diminishes historical significance’: URA, NHB

25 April 2015-联合早报: 粤海清庙正式获颁 联合国教科文组织奖项

25 April 2015-Channel News Asia News Clip: Yueh Hai Ching Temple wins UNESCO Heritage Award

24 April 2015-Channel 8 News Clip: 粤海清庙 获文物古迹保护奖优异奖

18 April 2015-The Straits Times: A right way to remember

15 April 2015-The Straits Times: Memorial park for pioneer leaders?

15 April 2015 -TODAY: Historians weigh in on how best to commemorate founding fathers

3 April 2015 - Channel News Asia: City Redesign – Heritage in Progress (Episode 4)

20 March 2015 -Channel U: 非常小红点Wah Singapore ! (Episode 7)

15 February 2015 -The Sunday Times (Straits Times): The clock is ticking for S’pore’s kampong houses

22 January 2015 -The Straits Times: Shuttered maternity home ‘last of its kind’

18 January 2015 -联合早报: 每座古庙都是文化遗产

6 January 2015 -我报: 新科大迎崭新校园明清古建筑成永久地标

6 January 2015 -联合早报: 成龙捐古楼新科大今古辉映

23 December 2014 -联合早报: 庆德楼变身玉皇宫明年“开宫”供公众膜拜

20 December 2014 -The Straits Times: Singapore Yu Huang Gong in Telok Ayer ready for visitors after restoration

5 December 2014 -The Straits Times: A road corridor with a rich history

23 November 2014 -The Straits Times: Griffiths and Qiaonan alumni upset over new name for merged school – Angsana Primary: Qiaonan and Griffiths hold plenty of history and memories for former staff and pupils 

10 November 2014 -The Straits Times: Bid to save two historical areas in Queenstown

1 November 2014 -The Straits Times: $9.5m heritage project raises eyebrows

18 October 2014 -广州日报: 潮汕专家两度跨国修古庙

14 October 2014 -广州日报汕头社区: 潮汕能工巧匠修复新加坡190年前粤海清庙

3 October 2014 -TODAY: Shophouse among three sites recognised for quality restoration

3 October 2014 -The Straits Times: Hotel bags URA’s Architectural Heritage Award for saving ‘mamak shop’

3 October 2014 -联合早报: 获旧建筑修复工程奖修复前深入研究三老建筑重获新生

3 October 2014 -MyPaper: 粤海清庙双喜临门 再获旧建筑修复工程奖

2 October 2014 - Channel News Asia News Clip: Yueh Hai Ching temple among winners of Architectural Heritage Awards

2 October 2014 - Channel U & Channel 8 News Clip: 本地三栋建筑荣获旧建筑修复工程奖

29 September 2014 – The Straits Times: Local conservation experts in demand: Their advice is increasingly sought on historic projects across the region

26 September 2014 – The Straits Times: Patching heritage cracks

9 September 2014 – Channel News Asia: First Look Asia – UNESCO Award

8 September 2014 – The Straits Times: Not just another brick in the wall: SUTD don prefers to piece together heritage buildings (profile feature)

3 September 2014 – The Straits Times: Restored Teochew temple garners UNESCO award

3 September 2014 – 联合早报: 粤海清庙获颁联国文化资产保存优异奖

25 August 2014 – MyPaper: Food stalls may return to old railway station

21 August 2014 – The Straits Times: SUTD’s architecture lecturer gets tenure from Hokkien clan

21 August 2014 – 联合早报: 受委福建会馆讲席教授 杨茳善将推展建筑保留

9 August 2014 – TODAY: Heritage buildings given new lease of life: Adapting historical buildings allows S’pore to preserve them for future generations

4 July 2014 – China Daily Asia: Chinese craftsmen work their magic

23 June 2014 – 新华社:新加坡宗乡总会编写《新加坡华人通史》

5 June 2014 – The Straits Times: Experts identify 45 ‘sacred’ heritage sites

26 May 2014 – The Straits Times: Bridges in need of a spruce-up -Faulty lights, peeling paint plague S’pore River’s historical structures

8 May 2014 – The Straits Times: Architects keen on conservation status for Pearl Bank

6 May 2014 – Vietnam Television 1 (VTV1):Bảo tồn chùa cổ 200 năm ở Singapore [Conservation of 200-year-old Ancient Temple in Singapore]

5 May 2014 – Vietnam Television 9 (VTV9): Bảo tồn chùa cổ ở Singapore [Conservation of Ancient Temple in Singapore]

26 April 2014 – The Straits Times: Piecing together the past: Restoration of four buildings donated by action star Jackie Chan has kicked off

5 April 2014 – 中央社(台灣): 粵海清廟星國最古老潮州廟

3 April 2014 – Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Online Magazine “Going Places, Singapore” Feature Interview: The Monuments Man – Meet the academic who wants to preserve Singapore’s past and maintain the country’s rojak architectural flavour – one laser-hewn dragon at a time. (

1 April 2014 – The Straits Times: Teochew temple restored to its 1890s splendour: National monument in Phillip Street reopens after over 2 years of work

31 March 2014 – 联合早报: 精雕细刻力保原貌粤海清庙展新姿

19 March 2014 – The Straits Times: Kallang Wave returns in choice of bench designs

15 March 2014 – The Straits Times: New lease of life for Yueh Hai Ching temple, Singapore’s oldest Teochew temple ($7.5m makeover returns ornate national monument in city to former glory)

15 March 2014 – 联合晚报:逾188年历史国家古迹花两年750万修复粤海清庙月底开幕

15 March 2014 – 新明日报:修复工程逾2年耗750万粤海清庙月底重开

15 March 2014 – The Straits Times: Turn Pulau Ubin into ecotourism spot?

14 March 2014 (Full Page Profile Interview) – 联合早报: 主导修复成龙捐赠古建筑杨茳善谈工程挑战

12 March 2014 – The Straits Times: Jackie Chan-donated houses take centrestage in SUTD beam-raising ceremony

12 March 2014 – 新华网:成龙赠新加坡江南古建筑预计今年底或明年初启用

12 March 2014 – 新华网:成龙向新加坡捐赠的古建筑主体结构竣工

21 January 2014 – The Straits Times: Listen to voices from the past via online portal

19 January 2014 – 联合早报: 文物局增设影响评估与调节司学者:政府或将推行文化遗产影响评估制

4 October 2013 – The Straits Times: Pulau Ubin: Rustic or just rusting away?

7 September 2013 – The Straits Times: SUTD unveils Jackie Chan’s gifts

7 September 2013 – 联合早报: 大专录取制度应更开放让更多人接受高等教育(新科大新校舍料明年完工)

7 September 2013 – Channel News Asia: SUTD Topping Out Ceremony

7 September 2013 – Berita Harian:Hadiah Jackie Chan bahan kajian pelajar SUTD

31 August 2013 – 联合早报: 本地两大学合作研发三维打印技术

10 July 2013 – The Straits Times: Bid to save 18 grand old ladies in Queenstown – Residents submit list of Queenstown sites which they hope will be considered for preservation

21 May 2013 – The Straits Times: Nearby flats ‘a slice of Singapore’s residential history’

19 October 2012 – The Straits Times: New university opens $3m lab at interim campus – 3D printing and scanning

30 September 2012 – The Straits Times: St Andrew Cathedral’s stained glass being restored

25 July 2012 – Going Places: Hue and cry about colours (

25 May 2012 – The Straits Times: Empty, not forgotten – How old buildings are put to new use depends on the URA’s Master Plan

3 Dec 2011 – 联合早报(副刊): 双龙山的两种面貌

6 Nov 2011 – The Straits Times: Majestic Theatre Back in the Spotlight

Nov to Dec 2011 – Buletin Warisan (Badan Warisan Malaysia): Down Memory Lane: Old Singapore

9 July 2011 – The Straits Times: Enjoy What’s Here, Not Just Mourn What’s Gone – Preserving Only Physical Monuments Cannot Replace A Lost Heritage

31 May 2011 – 联合早报: 成龙捐献文物将融入新校园设计新科大要把明清古建筑当“活教材”

23 December 2010 – The Straits Times: $40m Rescue for Historic Cathedral and Stained Glass Saved

22 December 2010 (Broadcast date) – Living Cities – Singapore (Episode Two: Heritage), Discovery Channel: Interview on Old Supreme Court and City Hall

22 October 2010 – 联合早报: 年轻建筑学者看南大华族传统复兴式建筑

14 October 2010 – 联合早报: 粤海清庙拟明年展开百万元大修

19 September 2010 – The Straits Times: The Little Temple That Could-105 year old Hong San See Receives World Heritage Award After Full-scale Restoration Work

9 September 2010 – 联合早报: 33参赛项目中夺得最高荣誉 凤山寺获颁联合国文化遗产卓越奖

24 January 2010 – 联合早报: 地契曝光 天福宫初始地皮不到200元