The ASD pedagogy is characterized by a hands-on approach to architecture and sustainable design, a holistic understanding of the ways in which technology is changing our design and building processes, and an inclusive approach to the cultural and historical aspects of designing buildings and cities. At ASD, we believe that only direct exploration with digital tools, machines and robots will provide the necessary experience for learning and innovating in a digitally fabricated world.


Term 8

01.401 Capstone 2

20.112 Sustainable Design Option Studio 2

20.305 Conservation Theories and Approaches of Built Heritage

20.306 Integrated Building Design

20.309 Sustainability of Ancient Chinese Architecture Design in the Modern World

20.312 Social Architecture: Theory and Practice

Term 7

01.400 Capstone 1

20.111 Sustainable Design Option Studio 1

20.301 Material Computation: Advanced Topics in Geometry and Matter

20.302 Advanced Topics in Performative Design: Daylight and Electric Lighting

20.304 Urban Housing Typologies

20.314 Paradigms of Adaptation

Term 6

20.103 Architecture Core Studio 3

20.203 Architectural Energy Systems

20.213 Building Information Modeling

20.223 History, Theory and Culture 3: Contemporary Architecture Between Technology, Science and Culture

Term 5

20.102 Architecture Core Studio 2

20.202 Architectural Structure & Enclosure Design

20.212 Digital Design and Fabrication

20.222 History, Theory and Culture 2

Term 4

20.101 Architecture Core Studio 1

20.201 Architectural Science & Technology

20.211 Introduction to Design Computation

20.221 History, Theory and Culture 1

Term 2

3.007 Introduction to Design