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Problems of the existing Galleria Borghese include: lack of sheltered waiting area, limited number of tickets available at set times and also insufficient facilities that cater to the visually impaired. Thus, through building an extension that intersects the Museum along the Garden, the scheme aims to provide an alternative, and a more informal gallery space.

The two wings of the scheme houses replica painting and sculptures from the Galleria itself, mainly to cater to the visually impaired and visitors who missed the ticket sales. At the center where it intersects with the Galleria, actual artworks from the Louvre’s Borghese collection will be displayed, to also cater to the visitors visiting the Galleria.

As for the allocation of other program spaces, the ones that are less relevant such as café and bookshop, will be placed further away from the core. Whereas for more museum related programs such as workshop and studio are placed nearer to the core space. Terracing from ground level to lower ground level is further implemented, to further emphasize on the transition from a more open and leisure space to a more intimate and educative one.

Concept Diagram

Roof Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Lower Ground Floor Plan

Section Perspective

Perspective Views


Original source from: http://asd.courses.sutd.edu.sg/option-studio-one/2020/12/27/weave/