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Formerly the Municipall Hall, this site in Gifu is enveloped by multiple office buildings, educational institutions and surrounding residential communities. Located within a walking distance from the downtown Shotengai (shopping and dining district), the site boasts a strategic location that could potentially utilise the proximity of nearby eateries and the Headquarters of JA Gifu, an agricultural and produce company.

The former Municipall Hall houses an auditorium within its cylindrical volume, ensuite conference spaces and a dance studio within its L-shaped volume, and a basement carpark.

The proposed new Rejuvenation Hub completely transforms the programmes hosted by the space, catering to a “healthier lifestyle” theme targeted towards the youth (students & office workers) that have primary access to the location. The Rejuvenation Hub will collaborate directly with JA Gifu to introduce a smart Cafeteria as its central and anchor programme, similar to that of the Tanita Shokudo in Tokyo. The Cafeteria will contain only healthier dietary options, sourced from nearby farms and its own Roof Farm/Garden.

The L-Shaped component of the building will house ancillary spaces managed by JA Gifu, such as a healthier-options grocery store, as well as a Communal Kitchen for the youth to practise preparing healthier meals based on provided recipes.



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