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Situated underground at the front of the Galleria, the Oval Gallery seeks to be a place that reinterprets the entrance of the Galleria. It attempts to solve the different problems of the Galleria by providing a venue that helps to delay and diffuse the crowd while also incorporating a new experience for experiencing the artworks being displayed there.

Analysis of Apollo and Daphne (Gian Lorenzo Bernini)

Prior to the design, a sculpture/ building was allocated to each member of the studio to analyse. I was assigned the Apollo and Daphne by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The analysis was conducted through various aspects such as geometrical, structural and symmetry. Certain curves were then obtained to be used for the spatial constructs. A 3D printed replica of Daphne’s hand was also reconstructed through the use of CAD softwares.

  • Geometrical Analysis - Daphne's Hand
  • Symmetry/Lines of Action - Apollo and Daphne
  • Structure - Apollo and Daphne
  • Geometrical Analysis - Apollo and Daphne
  • 3D Printed Replica - Daphne's Hand
  • 3D Printed Replica - Daphne's Hand

Spatial Construct

Curves were obtained from the geometrical analysis of Apollo and Daphne and placed in an array along a curve. The scale and direction of each of the arrayed curves were determined via their position on the main curve.

  • Arrayed Units - Spatial Construct
  • Plan View - Spatial Construct
  • Interior - Spatial Construct

The Oval Gallery: Addition to the Galleria Borghese

We were required to design an intervention for the Galleria Borghese with the intention of exhibiting works that were returned from the Borghese Collection at the Louvre. Additional considerations had to be made for an inclusive design that catered to the visually impaired as well. The Oval Gallery considers the existing symmetry of the surrounding gardens of the Galleria and aims to introduce a new main entrance. By doing so, it intends to provide an exhibition space for the new art pieces which would double up as a space that helps to diffuse the crowds at the Galleria.

  • Circulation – Galleria Borghese
  • Geometrical Analysis – Galleria Borghese
  • Geometrical Analysis – Galleria Borghese
Original Programmes (Elevation)Original Exhibitions (Plan)
  • Entrance Ramp
  • Apertures Along Walkway
  • Interior of Gallery
  • Walkway Exhibition Space
  • Interior of Gallery
  • View from Glass Enclosure
  • Exterior View of Gallery

Video Flythrough