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Option Studio: Above, Under and Beyond
Instructor: Khairudin Saharom

As the face of the hub to the residents of the area, my building exists as a space to promote physical social interactions through sports. Aside from getting people out of their homes, it also seeks to engage individuals in the issues of climate change and energy conservation. Leveraging on burgeoning technology such as piezoelectricity, the structure contributes back to the grid while educating visitors through events and permanent fixtures. A swimming pool that reimagines the traditional activity of swimming in the river also doubles as a water filtration plant, monitoring and improving the quality of the river water flowing by.

Informed by the surrounding climate, a wind tunnel was carved to frame the views towards the Island Residences and Natural Reserves while providing natural ventilation to the space. This further informed the form of the two structures that make up the sports hub, one smooth and geometric, the other organic and rock-like. The former symbolises human progress, while the latter symbolises nature and our efforts to tame it. The leaning facades create a tension between the two, aimed at inspiring discourse regarding humans’ relationship with nature.

Outside of sporting activities, the sports hub also has a bar aimed at providing more opportunities for social interaction and an amphitheatre for talks and events to be held.

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